Vanity units

Vanity Units are an essential component of the bathroom furniture. Such elements are to be carefully chosen, taking into account personal needs and the surrounding environment. As relevant as the kitchen or the living space, the bathroom is considered an integral part of the house and can contribute to it with a catchy and cozy design. The model we all know are vanity units with drawers, which represent a perfect solution for storing accessories and products for the body care or towels. Among the various possible configurations, there are double vanity units for large bathrooms or master bathrooms.

Design vanity units; styles, finishes and colors to furnish the bathroom

Vanity units are available in different styles, finishes and colors, opaque or sleek in order to combine at the best with the furnishing style and bathroom finishes. For those who prefer classic vanity units, it is possible to choose a vanity unit with integrated mirror, with its romantic lines, or a vanity unit with doors, in solid wood and with warm tones. An alternative to vanity units are console sinks, a wall-mounted unit with legs, similar to a table. Some of these models are equipped with a small drawer, a shelf and towel rails underneath the sink. Those who prefer contemporary vanity units can consider models with a minimalist design, square, lacquered surfaces, with large geometrical handles and monolithic counter in technical material.

Models of vanity units for all needs

Vanity units are combined with countertop, inset or semi-inset sinks. In the first case, the unit storage space can be fully used, since the washbasin is installed onto the vanity countertop. In the case of inset or semi-inset washbasins, the latter is mounted into the unit, thus occupying its upper part. If the washbasin size is minimal, be it countertop or inset, the vanity unit will be proportionally modest in size too. Therefore, the size of vanity units adapt to the sink size and shape. In most cases the latter can be square or rectangular, but there are also round or corner washbasins that allow to make best use of spaces which are normally unused. There are wall-mounted vanity units, that leave free space on the floor, or more traditional models such as freestanding vanity units rising on more or less visible legs.

What materials to choose for vanity units

Choosing the material of a vanity unit requires specific attention. Wood, for instance, fits greatly in classic style bathrooms and feels warm to the touch. Teak, eucalyptus, mahogany and bamboo wood are especially resistant to humid spaces, while resinous fir and pine woods are more vulnerable to the temperature leaps that are the norm in a bathroom. Vanity units in MDF, a composite material characterized by a perfectly even and uniform surface, are more recommended for a modern bathroom furniture. Vanity units in acrylic stone are very trendy. This material has a non porous surface, smooth and hygienic, enduring and resistant over time. By opting for materials such as Corian or other Solid Surfaces, it is nowadays possible to design special countertops that can form one piece with the bathtub, with no joints or connecting elements between the two; this confers the space a sense of formal linearity and cleanness, for a design bathroom with a contemporary twist, of high aesthetic value and resistant to use.

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