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Backless Bench

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Harri is a bench without back.‎

Ulma Architectural Solutions presents the new collection of street furniture that combines design, durability and sustainability.‎

These are some of the advantages of all our models:

Exclusive design.‎
All designs bear the signature of Miguel Angel Ciganda, a designer with an important trajectory.‎ Surely you know the "Veroca" lamp, or the "compass bench" of the Barajas airport, or remember the furniture of the Spain-Expo 92 Pavilion, these are some of his creations.‎ Undoubtedly, designs with simple, smooth and elegant lines.‎ Worthy of becoming classics.‎
Made with a noble and high quality material with 90% of natural (aggregates) and recycled components.‎ A material that absorbs almost no water, behaving very well against rain and atmospheric changes.‎ It is also very soft and pleasant to the touch.‎

Minimal maintenance.‎ They remain as new in bad weather, no matter if it rains, snows or thunders, the furniture is not altered, thanks to the low porosity of the material.‎

Great Durability.‎ You will have pieces with a long life.‎ Thanks to the nature of the material, water will not penetrate inside and will not leave damp areas that disfigure and age it.‎

With the possibility to customize with color.‎ You can choose between different finishing options.‎ It can be in white color, or in the natural color, a warm and organic sand tone.‎ But if your idea is to give it color, it is also possible, since we have a surface treatment, where the color palette is open to your inspiration.‎

You have 29 models to choose from.‎
Maybe one of the models is perfect for your project.‎
Give a personalized, durable and sustainable touch to your road or recreational space.‎
Because design and elegance are not incompatible with sustainability.‎

- Only available in Spain -

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