30 TV cabinets

Everybody has a TV at home. Actually, it’s easier to find a tv in each room. Where to put it sometimes is a problem both from a functional and aesthetical point of view. The market offers a great variety of TV cabinets. Their use allows for space optimization offering also a series of accessories and complements where to put other devices such as DVDs, consoles and decoders. First: room size. Remember that the minimum distance between the TV set and the user has to be about three times the height of the screen or five times the diagonal of the screen in inches. The correct height will be the one defined by user’s view (for this reason you have to pay attention to sofas and armchairs height) the angle should be maximum 35° but it’s always better to sit right in front of the screen. Avoid placing the tv in front of windows or under light sources: annoying reflections will interfere with a correct vision.

After considering the available space, you need to know how big a TV your cabinet has to hold. This will give you the right proportion and an adequate support.
TV sets are nowadays really slim and they allow for different kinds of installations. On a panel on the wall or on a piedestal.
An important thing to consider that should guide you when you choose your TV cabinet is the chance to swivel the screen to get a perfect view. For this reason you should choose a swiveling tv cabinet: it will grant you visual comfort from any area of the room.

Besides the classic floor mounted cabinet, you can choose a wall mounted cabinet to be fastened on the wall or a convenient TV cabinet with casters if you need to move your tv around the house. As for other storage units, even TV cabinets can be designer’s experimenting field. The market offers a wide range of models and compositions. You can find narrow, long pieces, compact pieces, coming with storage spaces, drawers and shelves and wall panels that become real wall units.

As for materials, the best models are wooden TV cabinets and glass TV cabinets. Wood for a solid cabinet, glass for a stylish one.

The fusion of these elements, compositions and materials, originate your cabinet’s style. Tradtional shapes for your classic style TV cabinet. Glass, design, linear purity for your contemporary style TV cabinet. ... More ... less
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