True Design E-QUO Multi-layer wood bench seating with USB

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E-QUO | Bench By True Design


Multi-layer wood bench seating with USB

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Multilayer beechwood bench installed on steel beam and legs, covered with solid ashwood.‎
Available without cushions or with 3 or 4 fixed cushions.‎
For cushions upholstery, consult the color chart.‎

The office is an increasingly active and dynamic scenario characterized by ever-changing working methods.‎‎ This is why the traditional furnishing elements (desk and armchair) are gradually joined, if not replaced, by new realities such as armchairs, sofas or modular poufs on which many of today's operational activities can be carried out.‎‎
E-quo is placed in this climate of continuous research and revolution of the working standards.‎‎
A new, anomalous and hybrid object.‎‎ A seat that is halfway between the stool, the bench and the fence.‎‎
E-quo has a very small seat at a height of about 60 cm and is therefore designed for a temporary stop in a semi-upright position.‎‎
The concept is to bring into the work environment what you usually do outdoors when you "lean" on a wall to make a phone call, take notes or navigate on a tablet.‎‎
E-quo is the outcome of a design process that starts from the observation of spontaneous human behaviour and develops new living possibilities and therefore new furnishing accessories.‎‎
E-quo is equipped with electrical wiring and usb that allow, during the stay, to recharge the electronic devices.‎‎

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E-QUO Collection by True Design
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