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MOLLY | LED pendant lamp By Tooy


LED pendant lamp

1 x 8w - LED 3000k 800Lm

1 x 12w - LED 3000k 1200Lm

1 x 17w - LED 3000k 1500Lm

C46 + C46 Sand grey + Sand grey
C46 + C74 Sand grey + Sand black
C46 + C50 Sand grey + Pewter
C46 + C41 Sand grey + Brushed brass
C46 + C99 Sand grey + Copper

C74 + C74 Sand black + Sand black
C74 + C46 Sand black + Sand grey
C74 + C50 Sand black + Pewter
C74 + C41 Sand black + Brushed knurled
C74 + C99 Sand black + Copper

C50 + C50 Pewter + Pewter
C50 + C46 Pewter + Sand grey
C50 + C74 Pewter + Sand black
C50 + C41 Pewter + Brushed brass
C50 + C99 Pewter + Copper

C41 + C41 Brushed brass + Brushed brass
C41 + C46 Brushed brass + Sand grey
C41 + C74 Brushed brass + Sand black
C41 + C85 Brushed brass + Pewter
C41 + C99 Brushed brass + Copper

C99 + C99 Copper + Copper
C99 + C46 Copper + Sand grey
C99 + C74 Copper +  Sand black
C99 + C50 Copper + Pewter
C99 + C41 Copper +  Brushed brass

MOLLY: Collection of contemporary hanging, wall , floor, table, side and ceiling lamps with a painted dome and ring either painted or finished with brushed brass or galvanic copper.‎ The bright diamond screen is made of plexiglass to better spread light out.‎ The collection presents lamps available in three sizes for single-unit or dynamic compositions.‎ These lamps are very versatile and fit any kind of setting, thanks to their simple shape yet rich materials.‎

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D. 15 cm, H 8,2 cm

D. 20 cm, H 10 cm

D. 38 cm, H 17 cm

Lunghezza cavo / Cable lenght: 150 cm
Dimensions MOLLY | LED pendant lamp
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Molly Collection by Tooy
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