TM Italia Cucine AVIGNON Linear fitted kitchen with island


AVIGNON By TM Italia Cucine


Linear fitted kitchen with island

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A cultural tribute to Pablo Picasso’s “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon”, with its visionary way of showing different perspectives simultaneously and introducing a new way of seeing reality.‎ The “breaking up” of space and functions is the underlying theme of Avignon.‎  There are two main materials used in the Avignon: Eucalyptus Frisé wood for all the doors and drawer fronts and Dover White marble for the worktops, backsplashes,the front of the island, and the pre-assembled sink.‎ The premium Eucalyptus Frisè wood, painted opaque, sourced from FSC-certified species of wood and treated with a dyeing process free from synthetic dyes, reveals tiny ridges of regular, parallel veins when light hits the surface.‎ The Dover Whitemarble, with its strong personality, features an ivory background crossed by pronounced and broad copper-coloured veins with black flashes.‎ The front of the island, clad in Dover White marble, features open elements and drawers made of Eucalyptus Frisé that create a harmonious movement of shapes, recesses and materials.‎ The stylistic signature of the design is the number 7.‎5, which represents the considerable thickness in centimetres of the tabletop, top and back panels, and the large handles, placed either horizontally or vertically on doors and fronts.‎ A concentrate of invisible technology enables different functions through remote controls or voice-controlled home automation interfaces.‎ The table is fitted with technical equipment that allows differentiated use, becoming, alternatively or simultaneously, a place for gathering and conviviality, work, play and entertainment.‎ The HomeOffice equipment accommodates a laptop, mouse, keyboard, notebooks, and pens.‎ It also features USB slots and ports.‎ The PlayGround equipment includes space for a game console, tablet, and drawing tools.‎ The Convivio extractable unit holds cocktail accessories, glasses and bottles.‎ The island houses two hidden vertically-extractable units complete with electro-assisted mechanisms: one contains a multimedia monitor that can rotate to face the table or the island; the other is a storage designed to keep an extensive collection of spices and kitchen utensils.‎ Each home-automation element is applicable to any TM Italia kitchen model.‎ Discontinuity as an expressive language and representation of TM Italia’s innermost ultrarational essence, in a unique and balanced technology, design sophistication, modularity and custom manufacturing.‎

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Columns: 8.2 x 4.5 x 0.7m
Island: 6 x 1.3 x 0.87 m
Table: 3 x 3m

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