TM Italia Cucine AVIGNON Kitchen developed on three sides with a central island


AVIGNON By TM Italia Cucine


Kitchen developed on three sides with a central island

Breaking up of space, alternation of volumes and conviviality are the characterizing elements of this kitchen space designed on the Avignon model.‎ Composition developed on three sides featuring bases, display cabinets and columns with the central island complete with snack top and adjacent table.‎
The kitchen designed on the Avignon model is dominated by the important island that is placed in the center of the space.‎ The neutral-toned stoneware worktop combines with the adjacent snack bar and table top in eucalyptus veneer, creating a blend of natural colours.‎ The design approach of deconstruction, the salient feature of the Avignon model, gives rhythm to the composition by creating a harmonious movement of volumes and recesses.‎
The stylistic signature of the design is the number 7.‎5, which represents the considerable thickness in centimetres of the tabletop, top and back panels, and the large handles, placed either horizontally or vertically on doors and fronts.‎

∙ Location: Milano
∙ Kitchen surface: 35 m2
∙ Layout: Linear developped on three sides with a central table and an adjacent table
∙ Doors, fronts, shelves finish: Eucaliptus frisè
∙ Glass wall units: Glass with digital print, internal structure in custom-stained oak
∙ Snack bar and table: Eucaliptus frisè
∙ Worktop and back panel: Gres Fokos roccia with built in sink and flush-mounted hob
∙ Structure: Intense matter
∙ Customisation: flap door wall units; adjacent table

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