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Geometric washable wallpaper

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Antitesi, is the series of wallpapers that explores the theme of opposites: dimensions, materials, different gestures that come into contact dividingthe space of a wall: the soft, hand-drawn signs of the upper part collide with the decisive, graphic patterns of the lower part.‎

(T)ECH — This high-performance support is made up of a non-woven fabric base and a vinyl upper part.‎‎ The surface is both washable and flame-resistant.‎‎ The combination of these materials guarantees durability and flexibility when hanging.‎‎ It is particularly suitable for highly-frequented interiors with irregular shapes.‎‎
WE(T) — Fibreglass is the ideal covering for highly-frequented areas and humid environments.‎‎ It has a strong resistance to scratches, is UV-resistant and does not turn yellow.‎‎ It is also low-maintenance and hypo-allergenic.‎‎ Its resistance to humidity and heatproof qualities make it ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, spas and gyms.‎‎
ME(T) — The vinyl covering is enhanced with silver reflections thanks to a metallic base on which the design is printed.‎‎ The iridescent effect plays with the light which brightens and enhances a space.‎‎
INSULA(T) — This is a sound absorbing covering which improves acoustics in interior spaces.‎‎ Made up of different layers of vinyl material, it produces an excellent balance between the absorption and reflection of sound waves by eliminating the “echo” effect and at the same time, isolation from outdoor sounds.‎‎
PRIN(T) — The ecological version of non-woven fabric produced by combining cellulose fibres.‎‎ This type of support represents the evolution of traditional wallpaper; it has the effect of paper to the touch while maintaining the characteristic strengths typical of non-woven fabrics.‎‎ The smooth weft enhances both complex and geometric patterns and the use of a natural fibre without formaldehyde makes it a versatile and sustainable choice; ideal for interior spaces in homes and public spaces
NA(T) RAW — Sisal, is a completely sustainable fibre from a particular type of agave that once woven produces a very strong fabric.‎‎ It is rough in appearance and to the touch, it recalls materials such as rice paper or bamboo.‎‎
NA(T) LUCENS — Lucens is a support in pure linen, a completely natural and sustainable fabric with an irregular texture that lends movement.‎‎
NA(T) FLOW — The delicate interweaving of paper fibres creates a subtle, yet strong weft for a highly refined covering.‎‎ The basic colour tends to be more cream for an antique, almost vintage effect by de-saturating colours and providing visual relaxation to the space.‎‎
NA(T) BLOOM — This is a more structured version obtained by interweaving paper fibres.‎‎ The mesh is wider and more noticeable and the weft rounder creating a greater three-dimensional effect.‎‎

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Standard size: 423 cm x 300 cm
Vinyl support and cellulose: roll width 47 cm
Fiberglass: roll width 94 cm

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