Tegolaia AOSTA Wall tiles with stone effect


AOSTA By Tegolaia


Wall tiles with stone effect

Aosta is a wall tiles with stone effect by Gruppo Industriale Tegolaia.‎

Stone, cobblestones and exposed brick have always characterised our homes.‎ Today there is a growing desire to preserve our natural environment with claddings and pavings in Pietra ricostruita respecting the nature that surrounds us.‎ Italian Pietra ricostruita┬« is composed of environmentally friendly natural components of the highest quality.‎ The colourings with iron oxide pigments are more durable than those of natural stone as they are strengthened during processing against wear and tear due to acid rain and UV rays from the sun.‎ Superfluous pigments, due to manual distribution, are only lost after the material has been laid.‎ There are various stone models with different shapes and sizes depending on the type.‎ Each individual model in the Edilstone range has special corner pieces that facilitate and speed up the cladding of pillars and corners; the individual pieces are light and of a size that makes them easy to use and handle.‎ No specialised labour is required to lay Edilstone, any person with a passion for DIY can, in their spare time, lay even a fair amount of material in their home without depending on specialised labour.‎Edilstone & Tegolaia, with its fifty years of experience, tests and guarantees all its products.‎

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