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CHAPTERS By Tecnografica


Polycarbonate Decorative panel

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Every time we write something down on paper, or we open a book, we just don’t realize how much History is hiding behind those simple, spontaneous gestures.‎ Once, paper was a very expensive luxury item and bookbinding was reserved only for prestigious texts.‎ Even in this field, the Italian excellence stood out already from the XIII century, thanks to the emergence of paper workshops that over time perfected particular decorative and craft techniques.‎ Some of these, like the paper marbling, came down to us with all their ancient magic.‎
The inspiration for Index, the new decorative panels collection by Tecnografica, comes exactly from the marbled papers.‎ A special technique that involves the use of a gelatinous liquid, on which various oil colors are poured; the colors don’t mix with the liquid, but float on the surface, creating multicolored spots and shapes traced by a random imagination.‎
Marbled papers were used to decorate covers or inside covers of books.‎ For this reason, Index collection pays tribute to great literary works through explicit references in the names of the subjects Gatsby, Moby, Wonderland, and Robinson, which are then collected in the re-elaborated subjects called Chapters and Quotes.‎
Thanks to the new decorative panels collection Index, Tecnografica tells an ancient but colored story, carefully designed but unpredictable in its own chromatic evolutions, and ready to declaim its adventures in elegant interior design projects.‎

A single slab can reach a size of 150x300 cm and can be entirely decorated and customized, following the specific characteristics of your own project.‎

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max 150x300 cm
th. 6 mm
custom made
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Index Collection by Tecnografica
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