Tecnografica NAVATA CELESTE Fire retardant washable wallpaper

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NAVATA CELESTE By Tecnografica


Fire retardant washable wallpaper

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Navata celeste is a washable wallpaper.‎
The size of this graphic is completely customizable, following the specific characteristics of your own project.‎

Artistic, historic, and cultural Italian heritage is absolutely one of the richest of the world.‎ Every path of our cities, every building of our towns and every ingredient of our cooking has an ancient story to tell.‎ When we talk about outstanding monuments as the Duomo of Milan, this story begins in an even more fascinating and long gone past.‎
Aiming at honoring one of the most famous and appreciated architectural buildings in the world, Tecnografica created an original wallpaper collection in collaboration with the Veneranda Fabbrica of the Duomo of Milan, the historical institution in charge of the preservation and enhancement of the Cathedral.‎
The Veneranda Fabbrica was set up in 1387 from Gian Galeazzo Visconti, Lord of Milan at that time, with the task of designing and building the Cathedral, become the symbol of Milan in the world.‎ From that time, this historical institution dedicates to the preservation and restoration of the Duomo, but also to the enhancement of its heritage.‎
With over six centuries of history collected within its walls, the Duomo of Milan boasts a collection of documents and works of inestimable value, unique of its kind.‎ Thanks to the collaboration with the Veneranda Fabbrica, Tecnografica had the privilege to immerse itself into these exclusive collections, aiming at selecting some of the astonishing graphic elements contained in the wisely preserved historical materials.‎
Thus, the wallpaper collection Duomo di Milano was born, and it ranges from ancient architectural projects of the spires to the bright colors of the frescoes, from the study of the decorations on the floors to the old photographs of the unmistakable flying buttresses, preserved inside the Archive of the Veneranda Fabbrica.‎ A moving journey back to the origins of a story which lasts for over 630 years, which nowadays allows us to perceive the dedication of architects, sculptors and stonecutters at the peak of their laborious days.‎
With this purchase you support the restoration of Milan Duomo.‎

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Duomo di Milano Collection by Tecnografica
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