8 Storage walls

It’s the sectional furniture par excellence. The wall unit is the queen of our living rooms. The market offers a wide range of compositions and configurations and choosing the one that fits your needs in terms of storage and taste might not be that simple. Let’s try to understand which are the criteria you have to follow when choosing one. First, keep in mind the style of your house: for a traditional style furniture set you better choose a classic style wall unit so to grant yourself elegance and style! If your house has a contemporary and modern style, choose a contemporary style wall unit: clear linear style, infinite configurations and bright colors will endow your living rooms with that magic touch!

Once we’ve defined the style, let’s have a look at the compositions. Choosing or composing a wall unit means to have clear in mind which functions you want it to have: it can be a storage wall unit, it can accommodate the TV set… the options are infinite! Designers invest a lot of energy trying to reinterpet this piece of furniture which is becoming ever more functional and rich of accessories that you wouldn’t have thought about in the past. From a structure point of view the wall unit is made up of a low board which comes with drawers or sliding doors and that can be put on the floor or it can be wall mounted. Over this module you can add storage elements that can be door-less or closed with opaque doors or transparent glass doors. Shelves complete the set holding books, DVDs, vases, frames and much more.

The TV set plays a fundamental role when choosing a wall unit. Your TV can be placed directly on the low board or fixed to the wall for a tableau effect. The market offers: TV wall systems which come with panels that can position the TV with swiveling or sliding movements to grant view comfort.

You always wanted a fireplace but you never had enough space, right? Choose a wall unit with fireplace. This solution is really innovative because it comes with a recessable bio-ethanol fireplace whose emissions are vapor and carbon dioxide in a quantity comparable to the emissions of two or three candles.

If you need to optimize space, use every square centimeter of your studio apartment or loft, you have to consider the purchase of a wall unit with foldable bed. In a few steps you can have a bedroom where your living room was. Behind panels you can hide, single, kings size or even bunker beds without giving up style and design! ... More ... less
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