”Each man to his stool.” (William Shakespeare)
Placed next to a breakfast area or a bar cabinet, stools furnish the living area informally, ensuring both functionality and little encumbrance. Its essential shape makes it an ideal seat for residential, contract furniture supplies and office settings. Indulge in the vast stool selection on Archiproducts and choose the right one for your room!

Considering its versatility, the first thing to take into account is the height of the seat. Are you looking for a stool to put next to the dining table? A short stool, with a 46 cm height can be a valid alternative to the classic chair. Are you looking for a seat for the island or paeninsula kitchen? A tall stool will match perfectly your bar or pub counter thanks to its height. Are you looking for a versatile seat? Opt for an adjustable height stool.

Keep in mind the sizes! An inter-axis distance of 65-75 cm between stools is indispensable to ensure enough room to eat, work and socialize in front of a good coffee. Comfort and movement ease are essential for the seat, especially in public places. Upholstered stools thanks to their comfortable seat and sometimes to the presence of armrests, seatback and footrest, are a solution to modern day ergonomy needs. More, for small rooms, stackable stools are an excellent space saving solution.

Materials are a key factor when choosing a stool. You need a resistant and light stool to move it around the room easily. You want it with a removable and washable cover especially when kids are around or for garden stools. Wooden structures for a typical vintage English pub look. Shiny or satinized metal for industrial and glamorous style rooms and plastic for colored accents when you want to impress. Leather or faux-leather seats make the room refined, especially if matched with elegant bases such as sledge like bases while slim lines and transparent polycarbonate seats make small rooms visibly larger.

Are you in love with renowned designers? Choose the iconic Stool 60 by Alvar Aalto. Stackable, birch wood curved legs and round seat. More like a sculpture yet versatile the Eames Stool, designed in 1960 by Charles and Ray Eames for New York’s Rockfeller Centre. Or you can choose avant-garde stools like Sella by Achille Castiglioni: a bike seat on a metal rod and swiveling base. ... More ... less
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