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A place for conversations, relax, rest, reading… the sofa is the leading role! Choosing the one that best suits you, whether for space, aesthethics, function or price, you need to know the main features of a sofa. It is the central element of our houses, both indoors and outdoors and it is extremely important in offices and waiting rooms. Archiproducts will guide you in your choice, letting you discover the trendiest products and among them the one you’re looking for!

First, you need to know which kind of sofa you’re looking for. A transformable model that can suit your needs like a sofa bed? This kind of sofa is now pretty common because it lets you optimize space in small rooms and it helps you be ready if your guest makes a surprise visit. A sectional sofa, instead, will help you create personalized solution in line with your room organization.

You want a comfortable and enveloping seat so choose an upholstered sofa ready to cuddle you. Or maybe you’re looking for a minimalistic, essential designers’ object to endow your room with personality?

Also the number of seats is important, together with accessories such as headrests and footstools for greater comfort, electric adjustment of the seat. Maybe you want a recliner… well your perfect sofa is here waiting for you!

Materials need a careful choice too. The structure of a sofa is a solid wood frame, usually fir or beech wood, that grants sturdiness and flexibility at the same time. The sides are made in low formaldehyde plywood. Support for your body is ensured by a network of belts padded with layers of polyurethane and synthetic fabric. Then, cushion padding which has to be of different grades of rigidity: tougher for the seat, softer for the seatback). The padding can be made of different materials. The most common one is polyurethane foam but it can also be made of memory foam and mixed feather.

If you’re looking for a sofa you can’t overlook the covering. A fabric sofa or a leather sofa? In this case remember that a fabric sofa can have its cover removable, and so it’s easily washable and you can change its look by simply changing the cover. A leather sofa has a different kind of fascination. A different softness, a better resistance and a more glamorous aesthethic impact.

And finally, design! Your sofa will probably be the piece of furniture that will characterize your room most whether we’re talking about the dining room, the living room, the waiting room, the office. Choose your style with care, choose a contemporary style sofa with clean linear forms, funny shapes, bright colors for your trendy furniture. Choose a classic style sofa for an elegant solution in your traditional taste house. ... More ... less
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