Shoe cabinets

Whether you're talking about a man, a woman or a child, shoes are never enough, and to keep them in the most appropriate way, there is no better furniture than a practical and comfortable shoe cabinet. This storage unit not only keeps your shoes tidy, but also helps to optimise the use of confined space. As beautiful as they are, shoes are used for walking everywhere and can bring dirt into the closet, where there are other clothing or even worse, scatter the house with exposed shoe corners. On the market, fortunately, there are shoe racks for every need, environment and style, and there is an endless series of finishes and shapes, capable of adapting to any context. Not only: the colors and material combinations of modern shoe racks allow you to furnish an environment with models of classic and contemporary design, from the living area to the sleeping area.

Tell me what house you have, and I'll tell you what shoe cabinet you need.

Choosing the right shoe cabinet is not easy, and there are many factors to evaluate. First of all it is necessary to understand where it will go to position itself and what will be the number and type of shoes it will have to contain. In apartments without spaces such as closets, closets or garages, the choice of the shoe rack becomes a matter of style, and from furniture to keep hidden becomes a real piece of furniture that helps to define the style of a room! In this sense, shoe cabinets tend to be divided into two families: open or closed structure. Open shoe cabinets are those shoe racks also known as shoe racks: grills, open shelves and ladders, without doors or backs, often placed in less visible areas such as walk-in closets, closets or garages, fixed to the wall or behind a door. This type of shoe rack is versatile and customizable, often with adjustable or removable shelves, lightweight, easy to wash, transport and assemble and often represents the most economical solution. However, unlike closed shoe racks, it allows a natural dispersion of odours and dirt that shoes inevitably introduce into the home, without confining it in a container.

Shoe cabinet as a furnishing accessory

Closed shoe cabinets, also known as furnishing shoe cabinets, or space-saving shoe racks, with backrests, sides and front doors, contain everything negative about shoes. In fact, if you choose this type of shoe rack, it is important that it is equipped with holes or a system that allows ventilation to prevent the stagnation of unpleasant odors. Generally, they are more robust and durable than the open version and are chosen especially for houses without space in which to devote space to visible shoe cabinets. If you are forced to place a shoe rack in your home, the aesthetic advantages of closed shoe racks will be much more welcome. The effect of greater order, the complete camouflage of this complement with the rest of the furniture and the versatility of the finishes from which you can choose, make the presence of this practical furniture less intrusive and unpleasant. In fact, there are shoe racks available for the entrance, hallway, usually characterized by a shallow depth, to optimize space or bedroom.

The right style for your shoe cabinet

If you don't want to make a shoe rack too visible, the classic large and closed shoe cabinet, with flap doors, has a reduced thickness and can also be placed behind a door, with various combinations. In any case, through colour and material combinations with the shoe rack, it is possible to contribute to the final result of an interior design project. A modern shoe cabinet is, in fact, able to decorate and fit perfectly into open space environments and traditional contexts. In the modern style, we find glossy or matt lacquered shoe cabinets or coloured and mirrored glass shoe cabinets, preferred for bedrooms and bathrooms. In addition, there are suspended shoe racks and rotating or rotating shoe racks: the former give a touch of lightness to this furniture, the latter have a significant impact on the practicality and size as they avoid the presence of doors or drawers that require additional space. Even classic style shoe cabinets are not lacking, and are often characterized by brushed or coated finishes. In short, there are shoe racks capable of satisfying every type of taste, even the most sophisticated.

Shoe cabinets: when space is never enough

Including the space we have available, especially if it is not large, it is necessary to deal with reality and understand how many and what type of footwear our shoe rack should hold. On the market there are the so-called slim shoe racks that provide a footprint that develops in height compared to a reduced depth, but the dimensions that we can find are very varied. The capacity is dictated by the number of shelves and the arrangement of the shoes. The space and height required for boots or high-heeled shoes, for example, will certainly be greater than that required for low shoes. For the first and second types, slim shoe racks are usually unsuitable and having a very shallow depth of 15 cm thick with flap doors, may present problems of stability. This problem, even if it affects its flexibility, can be easily solved with wall mounting. In many cases, a shoe cabinet won't be enough for everyone. The advice in this sense is to get several shoe racks positioned with criteria and strategy: in the entrance hall or in the bathroom, shoe racks with the most used shoes, to be kept daily at hand, along with maybe slippers, in the bedroom the most elegant and least used shoes.

Shoe rack: the choice of material

The material certainly influences not only the style of a shoe rack but also its practicality and durability and resistance over time. The materials used for the shoe cabinet are generally wood, metal and plastics. Plastic shoe racks are thin and light, and at a reduced price. Thanks to their lightness, they are easy to move but can have stability problems if they are too heavy. Wooden shoe cabinets, on the other hand, are much more robust and safe, but require more maintenance when exposed to moisture and dirt. There are still several metal shoe cabinets, especially recommended for those environments less exposed but more critical with regard to temperatures and weathering as an outdoor environment. In addition to their strength and resistance, they are light and durable even in wet conditions. The choice of an anti-scratch material, finally, is the right decision if the shoe rack is intended for an environment where external aggressions are expected to compromise the aesthetics, such as garages or children's bedrooms. ... More ... less

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