17 Secretary desks

When you can’t furnish a room to be your studio, then you can add a secretary desk to your bedroom or living room. A secretary desk is a small desk that comes with a series of drawers and storage to contain stationery and mail, the mouse and your smartphone battery charger. The secretary desk provides enough space to store away your office work and a space where you can do some accounting. The writing surface is usually hinged on the back to get more storage underneath it.

The new wall mounted secretary desks are super trendy. They are shelves that can become working areas and they often come with electric sockets, multimedia connections and built-in lighting. The bureau solutions, instead, are more traditional and the working area sinks in the furniture. Wood is the most used material but sometimes even metal is used like in contemporary style secretary desks. Mouldings, inlay and gold or silver are the usual decorations for classic style secretary desks which are timelessly elegant. ... More ... less
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