Seals and foams

Together with glues, sealants and foams are widely used in the construction industry. Among the most common ones there are silicone sealants usually referred to as “silicones” used in construction and in DIY. Thanks to their elasticity and their strong grip, silicone sealants are used to seal structural joints, vapor barriers, water systems and waterproof works. Other kinds of sealants are the polyurethane and acrylic ones. The polyurethane ones are used for shunts, stoves and chimneys because they can resist to high temperatures ranging from 300° to 1200°C while acrylic sealants are commonly used to seal casings, doors, windows and bins, to seal cracks and fissures in walls and in building restoration works. Cement sealants are used to plaster grout lines, for sealing and reinforcement jobs, for clay/cement structures, and for cement prefabs. Bituminous sealants instead are used for road works like joint making, to seal cable conduits and to recover large lesions. Technical foams, polyurethane resins (UF foams) and isocyanates are used for door and window sealing, as fillers, for insulations, for soundproofing as well as to fix electric cases and heating plants. Search in this category the sealants and the foams that better suit your construction and DIY works.

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