Schneider LUNE D2W Round bathroom mirror with shelf

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LUNE D2W By Schneider


Round bathroom mirror with shelf

Schneider LUNE D2W is a round bathroom mirror with integrated lighting and shelves.‎
Swiss manufacturer Schneider set about designing a round mirror cabinet that makes a contrasting statement in the bathroom and creates an atmospheric ambience.‎ Schneider took inspiration from the eclipse – the moment at which the moon passes completely in front of the sun, leaving only a thin halo of light visible.‎ The result is LUNE.‎
The frame of LUNE is made of stainless steel.‎ The surface is available in various options including brushed stainless steel and matte black, as well as selected colours such as matte brushed gold.‎ Using just-in-time production methods, Schneider can make a single mirror cabinet in the customer's desired finish.‎

Schneider LUNE embodies all the advantages of mirror cabinets we expect from the leading Swiss manufacturer,  with a unique, clean design, made from high-quality materials.‎ Fitted with two shelves (one of which appears to float,) it has space for all your everyday bathroom essentials.‎ There is a mirror on the back panel in addition to the interior and exterior of the door.‎ LUNE’s unique swivel mechanism (patent pending) gives the person looking in the mirror a perfect view of their own reflection from any angle when the cabinet is open.‎
360° light with Dim2Warm function
The frame of Schneider LUNE flawlessly illuminates the face and room with 360°, high-quality LED light.‎ As you would expect from Schneider’s premium products, the light can be adapted, at will, using the Dim2Warm function.‎ Light colour ranges from bright facial care light to warm candlelight on a continuous spectrum which is simply accessed via the dimming function.‎ When the cabinet is closed, the elegant, narrow frame of light resembles the sun, concealed behind the moon except for a thin halo.‎ When open, the strip light recessed into the cabinet creates a visually elegant, three-dimensional effect.‎

Take away the door and cabinet, and you have the LUNE illuminated mirror.‎ Its light can also be dimmed, using the Dim2Warm function to change the tone from relaxing warm to invigorating bright light.‎ The mirror's full-circle illumination always casts shadow-free light over the whole face, and is what gives the LUNE illuminated mirror its allure as a design statement – whether in the guest bathroom or living room, cloakroom or entrance hall.‎

The circular shape, stainless steel finish and thin strip light, places LUNE at centre stage in any sophisticated bathroom design.‎ It is the epitome of less is more, with clean lines and an understated design.‎ The client can select the light tone according to their preference and needs.‎ The 360° halo of light evenly illuminates the face, creating a new atmosphere of wellbeing in the bathroom – an ambience more typical of a spa in a first-class hotel.‎

The glare-free light is emitted in an unbroken halo and can be continuously adjusted using the Dim2Warm function from bright daylight (6500 Kelvin with 100 percent luminosity) to warm white (2000 Kelvin with 30 percent luminosity).‎ The light is operated via a single, discreetly positioned button on the bottom edge of the mirror cabinet or illuminated mirror.‎ LUNE can also be connected to an external switch or operated via the Schneider app.‎
Schneider LUNE gives ambitious architects and interior designers the utmost freedom when designing bathrooms, entrance halls, office spaces, living and reception areas.‎ The discreetly elegant, perfectly circular shape and the finish in brushed stainless steel, matte black or one of the other exquisite colour variations perfectly complement individual style schemes and room concepts.‎ The round mirror cabinet can even be built into the wall, leaving only a few centimetres of the illuminated frame projecting out, making LUNE the defining feature in bespoke, sophisticated bathroom design.‎

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