Scarlet Splendour
ORION | Sofa

3 seater velvet sofa


ORION | Sofa By Scarlet Splendour


3 seater velvet sofa



Manufacture year

Orion Sofa is an enigmatic sofa in chic velvet with rich gold ot rose gold metal arms.‎ Also available in gold velvet by Dedar Milano.‎

Colors: Blush Pink, Mint, Green, Grey, Gold

Nika Zupanc, a strikingly renowned Slovenian designer, never shies away from redefining the status quo of design, moving far beyond affirming boundaries.‎ Her consistent yet ambiguous attitude to femininity and romanticism reflects in this collection.‎ Inspired by the eighty-eight constellations of the stars, each piece from the 88 Secrets collection tells a story, almost bashfully, as we do with secrets.‎

Nika playfully paints with a palate of quaint colours and gold, both rose and oro, manifesting the magic of diamonds in the sky, for your very own space, introducing new values like modesty and strength through delicately designed furniture and optical illusion rugs, made in India, with much love.‎ A kind of modernist rigor underwrites this collection, communicating the things, that can not be spoken, with a distinct poetic quality.‎ The journey to build this collection to perfection has been relentless.‎ From bending metal on wood, to crafting the perfect diamantine tabletops, the founders of Scarlet Splendour are never satiated with mediocrity, persistently pushing their own limits.‎

The 88 Secrets collection promises comfort, outside your comfort zone, brining the simplicity of Slovenian art and beauty of nature, almost soul churning.‎ Welcome to a world of timelessness and infinite possibilities, leaving you feeling nothing lesser than a star, yourself.‎

The eighty eight constellations in the universe are joyous and magical.‎ Nika Zupanc merges their allure to her new collection of furniture and rugs.‎ A journey of love to the stars!

width 205 cms, depth 97 cms, height 86 cms
Dimensions ORION | Sofa

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