Saviola AH7 BOHEMIEN BROWN Edge / furniture foil with fabric effect




Edge / furniture foil with fabric effect

AH7 Bohemien Brown is a wall and furniture covering with fabric effect.‎ It reproduces the effect of felt, with a warm and enveloping texture suitable for interiors of walk-in closets but also exteriors where you want to give a welcoming effect.‎ Combined with the Artstone finish, it increases the effect of three-dimensionality and the irregularity of the surface, assimilating it even more to the fabric from which it takes inspiration.‎

Panels: The Melamine Faced chipboard is a 100% recycled chipboard panel covered, on one side or on both sides, with decorative paper impregnated with melamine resin illustrating a Plain Color, Wood or Print of various kinds, many of which produced thanks the Trendcor GMBH laboratory, a 100% Saviola company specialized in the creation of decorative elements for the furniture industry.‎ During the production process it is possible to add particular textures to the panel surface, some of which coincide with the decorative design (E.‎I.‎R.‎), with the aim of obtaining a product suitable for improving any interior design setting.‎

Laminates: Plastic laminate continuously produced by Saviola Group (CPL) consists of a decorative paper impregnated with special resins and special support papers that offer the finished product technical features suitable for the production of components for interior furniture.‎ Moreover, the possibility of using protective overlays on the decorative surface makes the laminate suitable for use on tops and worktops.‎

Edges: A wide range of plain colours, prints and finishes that faithfully reproduce the panel's decor.‎ Support in the choice of edging to ensure an optimal match with the panel.‎ Possibility of developing any colour or decor according to customer requirements.‎

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Support: chipboard
Thickness: from 8 to 40 mm
Format: 5600 x 2120 mm

Typology: CPL
Thickness: 0,5 to 0,9 mm
Format: w.1850 mm in continous

Typology: ABS
Thickness: from 0,3 to 2 mm
Format: rools 11 mm to 1400 mm

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