S.T.A. DATA Axis VM Finite element (FEM) structural resolver


Axis VM By S.T.A. DATA


Finite element (FEM) structural resolver

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Civil engineers on 5 continents use AxisVM for the analysis of structures with confidence that their final engineering product will meet the most up-to-date engineering analysis and design requirements.‎ For nearly 25 years, AxisVM has been recognized as the industry standard for Building Analysis and Design Software.‎
 AxisVM Structural analysis software
Today, continuing in the same tradition, AxisVM has evolved into a completely integrated building analysis and design environment.‎ The system built around a physical object based graphical user interface, powered by targeted new special purpose algorithms for analysis and design, with interfaces for drafting and manufacturing, is redefining standards of integration, productivity and technical innovation.‎
 AxisVM Structural analysis software
Structural analysis software that is intuitive and graphically driven so it is exceptionally easy to use and truly easy to start.‎
Available Languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Czech, Romanian, Slovak, Hungarian, Spanish, Italian, Serbian, Polish, Bulgarian, Portuguese.‎
Linear, nonlinear, buckling, vibration, seismic and dynamic analysis for truss, beam, rib, membrane, plate and shell two dimension and three dimension structures.‎ Pushover and time history analysis.‎
Code checking and design modules for steel, concrete and timber materials.‎
Eurocode Design: EN1990, EN1991, EN1992, EN1993, EN1995, EN1997, EN1998

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