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Plaster cornice

The Top are used simply to create beams on the ceilings, very used to realize coffered ceilings obtained from a set of panels which, if further decorated inside them, make the ceiling of a unique elegance.‎
They can also be used to contain within them pipes or whatever.‎
If required, it is possible to change the kind of material, whatever is the need, with slabs of type waterproof, fireproof or of high mechanical strength.‎

Material: he product made from gypsum (calcium sulphate dihydrate, CAS 10101-41-4) enclosed between two sheets of paper, to which can be added in amounts less than 1%
Reaction to fire: A2, no-combustible, no-explosive, no-oxidising
Ecological information: The product is not dangerous for the environment.‎
Do not release on the environment.‎
The calcium sulphate dihydrate in the presence of organic substances, can give rise to H2S.‎
Waste treatment methods: Do not release on the environment.‎ The conferment as waste must be made in the manner regulated by national laws.‎ Dispose with EWC code 17 08 02 Uncontaminated packaging can be recycled.‎

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