140 Poufs

Small, large, square, round, elegant, fun… it’s exactly as you want it! It’s a pouf! Their use isn’t specific but their presence enriches your room. They can be usually found in the living room, the pouf can have multiple functions.
Poufs add that particular touch to your living room. Many brands offer sets including sofas, armchairs and poufs to grant style harmony. This harmony doesn’t have to be a limit though. Unleash your fantasy and search on Archiproducts the pouf you’re looking for.

Depending on the size you choose and the space you have available, your pouf can seat one or more guests. So from being considered an overlooked object, it can become a central piece in your living room. They are matched to sofas or side tables and they can have multiple functions. If they come with a lid they can become useful storage poufs where you can organize objects that you don’t want to see spread all over the house like magazines, toys, plaids and personal items…

When you need it, it can hold a book, the TV remote or our glasses and so the pouf becomes a table you just have to move it in front of the sofa and it becomes a footstool to stretch out your legs!
If what you’re looking for is a transformable object that lets you optimize space, choose a bed pouf! Minimum encumbrance for this extremely useful and functional object which can readily transform into a bed for your unexpected guest or for your small apartment.

Besides the usual regular shapes, the market offers funny and original bean bags. Lots of fun for adults and children! Play, cuddles and relax!
To choose the right pouf you need to analyze the materials besides shapes and sizes. A leather pouf with its softness and elegance will highlight your room even more and will make it luxurious. However, this material is a little bit delicate.
So choose a fabric pouf. While in informal and young ambiances, choose a pouf with removable lining which are easily washable.
Now think about style! For a classic style pouf choose a model with wooden feet, leather lining and capitonnè making: the result will surely be precious and elegant. For your loft apartment, choose a contemporary style pouf with bright colors, many functions as a storage unit. ... More ... less
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