PALLADIO THERMIC5® | Safety door

Exterior wooden safety door

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THERMIC5® | Safety door


Exterior wooden safety door



Energy saving is a prime value for Palladio.‎ Their continuous improvement process has led to developing the innovative
Thermic5® insulated frames.‎ A series of profiles with very specific geometry with 5 chambers with pultrusion insulation material
between with excellent mechanical strength, specially studied to break the heat flow and increase soundproofing.‎ The section can
hold very thick, armoured or multichamber glass.‎ Thermic5® is available with a wide range of sizes and accessories, meaning it is
ideal for very large windows with a minimum amount of frame on view.‎ The strength of the profile improves working with welding and cutting, and it also allows calendaring operations.‎

Summary of the main features:

• 3 profile measurements
• geometry formed of up to 5 chambers
• high mechanical resistance fibreglass insulation material, studied to break the heat flow and increase soundproofing
• section sized to house even very thick panes of armoured or multichamber glass
• perfect application even for large apertures with a minimum amount of frame on view
• mechanical torsional strength in compliance with the UNI EN 14024-2005 standard
• ideal thickness for perfect welding or cutting
• section studied to ensure excellent calendering
• thermosetting powder paint, at 200°C without any deformation in the fibreglass insulation

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