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​What if we added more sex appeal to one of our best-selling classics? Refresh a long-lasting, successful relationship with a design people seem to like in any context and time.‎ Our team started playing with the Antilla , and this is what came out: a set of modernized, lighter and definitely quirkier versions!

PAGED is well-known for its reliable products made of bentwood, solid wood and plywood.‎ If you asked an older Polish person about the brand, you would prob ably hear that PAGED chairs or tables are a perfect choice if you need lasting quality and timeless design.‎ This is because many grandmas all over the country still have our chairs in their living rooms, therefore we are associated with something homely, comfy and familiar.‎ It’s been like that for some 140 years.‎ 
This year we want to show you a less familiar and drastically different face of our brand.‎ Because today PAGED is where all vast experience is used to build a new future.‎ Here ideas meet and collide.‎ We make use of CNC machines and experienced human wood benders.‎ Designers from various backgrounds freely collaborate with craftsmen and engineers.‎ Fantasies come true.‎ 
Diversity of approaches and expressions is our statement.‎ We neither follow nor particularly care about any trends.‎ We believe that great designs are born out of freedom of thought and positive interactions between people who dare to leave their comfort zones.‎ In PAGED, this free dom leads to action and allows us commit to a space you could call a playground for designers.‎ The space of hard work but also of joy, lightness and hope for a better future in uncertain times.‎ 
Alter Ego puts together our classic pieces in their purest form – from the Thonet bentwood chairs to the 20th and 21st-century models with their new interpretations and new additions.‎ They are made not only by furniture designers but also by interior designers and architects from various generations.‎ We decided to put these vastly different ideas on one stage and reveal them to you.‎

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H 855 x W 480 x D 505 mm
Seat H 450 mm
3,5 kg

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