Outdoor lighting

Gardens, patios, terraces, façades; whatever the surface you have to light up, you will need a precise lighting element. On Archiproducts you can choose from a vast array of design outdoor lamps to suit all needs. From garden lamp posts, to outdoor pendant lamps, from floodlights for architecture, to underwater lamps for pools and fountains. You will see your outdoor under a new light, your green projects stand out and you will be able to enjoy your spaces in the open air to the fullest!

A guide to choosing your outdoor lamp

When disposing of an outdoor area to be furnished, immediately after its refurbishment, the question is how to lighten the spaces to give them value, but also and foremost in order to make them enjoyable even in the night hours, for a dinner with family and friends. The choice of the ideal light will vary depending on whether you have a walkway, a terrace or even just a balcony. Only one thing must stay same, namely the attention to the fact that the light is truly suitable to the garden environment. A lamp to be used outside has to be explicitly recommended for the outdoor, that is to say it must be resistant to moisture, atmospheric agents, thermal shocks and UV rays. To put it in one word, it is necessary to consider its IP value, the degree of Protection of the Case. This value is composed of two figures. The first digit (from 1 to 6) indicates the level of protection against contact with external solid bodies; the second digit (from 1 to 8) indicates the level of protection against liquids infiltration. In theory an IP23 level protection is satisfactory to deem a device safe for being used outdoor. However it is better to start from a definitely higher degree (IP44) in order to obtain longer durability and safety over time.

The best ideas to light up the garden

The arrival of summer carries with itself the desire to enjoy summer nights outside in company to have fun and feel good. Furnishing the garden means making it the perfect space where to host family and friends, have parties and chill in the open air. In this sense choosing the ideal light is a perfect starting point to ensure all that takes place in the best possible way. The lack of ceilings in the outdoor areas (unless in case we are under a patio or a gazebo) obliges to exploit what is available in there to anchor lights. Trees, walls, windows are all excellent pivots to set up lighting ornaments, often simulating festoon that illuminate the whole area beneath. A fitting example of such an effect is Vibia’s JUNE, shaping a soft and pleasant feeling in the outdoor area, as it echoes, indeed, a birthday festoon. Sometimes, on the other hand, the wish is to bring outside the same mood characterizing the indoor furnishing style, resulting in a sort of visual continuity that cancels the perception of detachment passing from the inside to the outside. To obtain this effect, outdoor floor lamps are the best compromise for their being easy to be positioned and moved and especially because they do not need a ceiling or a foothold. TOLOMEO XXL is unrivaled in this field, having been one of the very first model to make its way in this direction.

How to enlighten your outdoor area

Choosing the outdoor lighting is crucial for the final evaluation of a building, a façade or even just the walkway in front of a house. It is its business card. The space that needs to be furnished is determinant when selecting the fixtures to be used. If we deal with a small walkway – be it pedestrian or passable – lighting cannot but be low because its primary function is to mark the passage; for this reason it is necessary to opt for outdoor steplights not to go wrong. If the same walkway is to be put in evidence, nothing is better than bollard lights to illuminate and at the same time, differently from steplights, decorate and delineate a full-fledged path to walk.
Once in front of the façade, it is possible to chose whether lighting it up with oblique, linear lights such as outdoor spotlights, or (going up to a next level) with outdoor floodlights. This way the house will certainly acquire new value and neatly stick out from the buildings around.

Rechargeable lamps to say goodbye to wires

What makes an indoor lamp different from an outdoor lamp? The unavoidable and close availability of a socket to make it work. Nonetheless, the beauty of being outside, stands exactly in the fact of not being restricted within four walls, which allows moving and walking, laying down on a hammock, or sipping a drink at the poolside. It is impossible to think that in all the mentioned scenarios a comfortable and direct connection to electricity is available within a few meters. That is why the necessity of having some wireless lamps around for lighting, as they are intrinsically free of cables and plugs and movable from a dining table to the poolside with no problem. These solar-powered lamps are equipped with a small panel that captures solar energy during the day and an energy accumulator that stows as much light as possible during light hours, the only “oil” that makes it work during the night hours.

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