Outdoor heaters

Outdoor heater are the ideal solution to make an outdoor space available in any season. Those who have an outdoor space, such as a terrace or a garden, often want to use it in the autumn, when the season does not guarantee mild temperatures. In this case, outdoor heaing stovess offer the possibility of using a terrace or a garden even in the winter months, thanks to solutions for the localized heating of small outdoor areas. With ultra-modern design models and classic-looking solutions, outdoor stoves not only allow you to heat an area of the outdoor space, but also contribute to create the outdoor furniture by effectively fitting into a variety of contexts.

Outdoor stoves: outdoors in any season

Outdoor stoves vary according to model design and type of operation. A first type of outdoor stove is an outdoor gas heaters, fuelled by gas in cylinders or with fuel distributed by a fixed system. A second type of stove particularly used for outdoor environments is the radiant heaters or stove with radiant surface: this model works by irradiation and distributes heat evenly in a short time, bringing economic savings and immediate heat. This type of stove includes infrared outdoor stoves, which do not use naked flames and therefore do not require the use of cylinders for combustion. Similar to these are electric outdoor stoves, which use electricity to generate heat. The latest models also have a fan that transfers the heat generated in the environment through a flow of air. The design of these stoves generally favours materials such as plastic and aluminium, to guarantee lightness and transportability. Some models are also designed to be fixed to the wall: this is the case of outdoor wall heaters.

Mushroom, tower and table stoves for outdoor use

Buying a stove for outdoor use allows you to exploit the outdoor spaces even in the winter season, more rigid. With an outdoor stove it is possible to increase the livable spaces of a house and a commercial space, always with a view to eco-sustainable consumption and energy saving, containing heat loss. For example, an outdoor tower heater is designed to fit discreetly into outdoor furniture and is extremely comfortable because it is often equipped with a multifunction remote control, to enjoy open spaces in total relax. Another popular model is the so-called mushroom-shaped outdoor heater, suitable for both domestic and commercial use. The system can be permanently fixed to the ground or it can be equipped with a mobile base, which guarantees its use in the different portions of the area. Finally, an interesting proposal comes from the outdoor table stoves, ideal for those who do not want to give up organizing lunches and dinners outdoors even with very low temperatures.

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