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Wall tiles / wallpaper

Born in Verona in 1969 and now living in Costa Rica, Marco Battaglini is an artist who blends classic and contemporary Art through his original ARTPOPCLASSIC® Style.‎
Probably the uniqueness of the Italian artist is to conceptualize the possible coexistence of the ideals of classical beauty with contemporary urban anti-aesthetics, the juxtaposition of the divine and refined with the vulgar, through a composition capable of integrating different realities in an eternal instant.‎ Battaglini modernizes the history of his Italian roots, deeply linked to tradition, by combining images of works of Art with profane backgrounds with an urban style.‎ His Art presents historical influences with an ironic and contemporary twist on a plane where time does not exist.‎
Battaglini has presented his works all over the world and continues with the mission to inspire the world with his Art.‎

Collection available:
- on thin laminated stoneware (size 100 x 300, thickness 3,5 mm) to create themes of total dimensions 500 x 300 cm;
- print on paper or nonwoven vinylic support;
- fiberglass fabric suitable for interior wallcovering.‎‎‎‎‎‎ The image can be customized;
- ECO breathable cellulose fiber
- fiberglass fabric suitable for indoor application also in moisture spaces;
- on hand-finished large-size Kerlite® thin stoneware

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