Office workstations

Office workstations play a twofold role in an office space. On the one hand they set the design of the environment allowing to make the best use of space; on the other, they are determinant in allowing workers to comfortably carry out their tasks. An employee who works in a well arranged, efficient and comfortable space turns out to be more productive and less affected by the stress deriving from a heavy workload. Therefore, carefully choosing the office furniture and arrange the office space in a way that is handy is not just a mere aesthetic exercise, but also one that impacts on the performances of the company as a whole. Thus, much attention and level of detail needs to be put in the choice of workstations typologies, also considering the vast array of options available on the market.

How to chose a workstation

Prior to identifying the most adequate workstation, an attentive analysis of the environment is needed that takes into account the room available and the number of employees the space to be furnished will host, without discarding the chance that the company personnel might experience changes in the future. The conditions should be set for workers to lead their tasks in a well equipped office, that prevents the risk of injuries at the workplace. Specific attention needs to be paid to the ergonomics of the seating, the distance separating the desk and the chair, the amount of space each employee is assigned.
Multiple office workstations represent the mot recommended solution to equip a working space that will be used by many people. The all-in-one structure feature desks, seats and screens, thought to foster the employees’ comfort and concentration. It is possible to choose for multiple workstations designed for two, three, four or more people, in various shapes and materials, to be installed along the room perimeter or in the right middle. The most suited option is the one that better matches the space available and the desired design.
Individual office workstations open to a world of options to customize the look of your workspace. The offer ranges from the more classic designs in wood or aluminum, to more eccentric and unconventional solutions and to installations that are cutting-edge for their design and ergonomics. Each company can tell their story, philosophy and work modalities also by choosing the most appropriate chairs and desks to reflect their brand and image.

Office workstations between ergonomics and design

Office accessories can be also chosen individually. An office desk needs to respect specific requirements for the employee to efficiently carry out their activity. At the same time, it has to fit in harmoniously within the office space and ensure it retains its stability over time. There are very diverse materials depending on whether you are opting for a workstation with a modern design - for which glass, wrought iron, aluminum or PVC are very suited-, or a classic design -wood remains the most practical solution in this case. There is a set of options also for other office spaces such as meeting and waiting rooms, which normally require spacious desks, possibly adjustable when needed.
Seats have the strongest influence on the employee’s state of the body and mind. They have to ensure the user’s wellness and comply with the rules in place as well. Ergonomic chairs have an adjustable seatback offering the right support to the lumbar region. Also the height and depth of the seating shall be adjustable to the size and silhouette of the employee to ensure a proper sitting position when using the computer. From an aesthetic point of view there are countless possibilities varying from classic to swivel chairs, or ergonomic rocking chairs with an eye-catching design. There are also plenty of materials, shapes, sizes and colors to pick the most fitting alternative for the meant purpose and destination.

Office screens and cabinetry. Everything a workstation needs to be complete

Workstations are often completed by screening elements, ideal to preserve the focus and relaxation of the employee while carrying out their tasks at the office. acoustic office workstations. Besides ensuring sound insulation, screens are an excellent design solution to dash the workspace with a personal and striking effect. Available in glass, PVC, felt, in the most disparate shapes and tones, screens can make the whole difference in any area hosting more employees at the same time, as they neutralize noise and guarantee discreteness and serenity at work to everyone.
Office storage units are of utmost importance to catalog documents and paperwork in a systematic way and organize the company spaces in the best way. Wood, metal, leather, many other materials, any size and color; there is an option for any needs, depending on whether storage units are to occupy long or short walls, in offices with a classic or modern style, or if they are coming in one piece or more compartments.

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