Office shelving

The office shelving is one of the pieces of furniture that can hardly be missing in a working environment; it can be full of books, folders, document binders or displayed for a simple function of representation. Understanding which office bookcase to choose for your work space can depend on many factors: first of all it is certainly useful to take into account the size of the room, in fact it is good to evaluate the measurements of the walls, understand if it is necessary to consider a corner bookcase or consider the entire height of the ceiling in order to make the most of the bookcase. Another factor that has an important impact is the style that we have imposed on our office furniture and which we cannot ignore.

To every environment its office shelving

There may be many needs that lead to choosing a bookcase to furnish your office. The most important function of office libraries is that of containment, useful in fact to fill the shelves with folders and recorders, or handheld containers that hide documents, often kept with a lock, or even magazines and books vice versa to be able to exhibit on open shelves. But in addition to a purely confining function, another function of the office libraries is that which is increasingly used to represent elements useful for the division of the rooms and the separation of workstations. This is why the high office libraries will be perfect in environments such as storage areas, where it is possible to use all the height of the walls, but also in areas of passage, such as corridors, or in open spaces, where they can serve as perfect partitioning elements. The possibility of being furnishing objects able to adapt to the available space makes modular office bookcases the perfect solution to modern workspaces. The need to adapt to the surrounding space has led designers to move more and more towards flexible and modular solutions that fit well with environments such as co-working and open spaces.

Classic or modern: which office bookcase to choose?

While comfort and functionality always come first when it comes to furnishing an office, aesthetics are also important. In fact, every furnishing accessory must also contribute to giving the right look to a workspace. For inner well-being and psychological equilibrium, it is important to feel part of a beautiful environment, in the office as well as at home. This is why aesthetic criteria should never be overlooked, first of all for those who spend most of their time in the office and, secondly, for those who come to the office on a visit. Meetings with suppliers, customers, job interviews. It is essential to give those who come from outside a good impression, which never disregards the style of an office. There is no need for the office to be furnished as if it were the editorial office of a high fashion newspaper, on the contrary it can be simple and minimal. The important thing is that it is harmonious, well-kept and tidy. An office shelving in modern style for example is certainly simple and functional and extremely attentive to every detail. A classic office bookcase in fine wood, on the other hand, prefigures an original and refined work space: elegant, practical and comfortable, it gives a serious and elegant air to the environment. But not all office bookshelves have a practical function: those in executive offices or representative areas, for example, such as reception or meeting rooms, have a purely aesthetic function. The bookcase in this case must be particularly aesthetically pleasing, because it becomes a design complement on which to place objects that stand there with the function of being put in plain sight. Objects that contribute to the company's brand reputation, that talk about it and what it does and believes in.

For each room its material: office shelving in wood, metal, steel and glass

Object of contemplation and display of the most varied accessories, the office bookcase is an integral part of the living room, and as such it is good that it adapts best to the style of the furniture. Depending on the needs, it is possible to opt for office shelving in wood, mahogany, chestnut, ebony, birch and even solid wood: these are timeless bestsellers, suitable for both classic and modern environments. Alternatively, you can choose combinations of wood and iron in industrially designed bookcases, with metal uprights and tubes, tie-rods and steel cables with a minimalist effect. If, on the other hand, you prefer an elegant and contemporary effect, a transparent plexiglass or glass bookcase, even with wooden details, will be the ideal option. In transit areas and archive rooms, on the other hand, it is often preferable to choose metal office bookshelves because of their robustness and resistance to considerable loads.

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