Office desks

There are many aspects to consider when setting up a workspace, but office desks are undoubtedly one of the most important elements of furniture. They define the style of the environment and are called upon to meet both aesthetic and functional requirements.
The desk is in fact the pivotal point of office furniture, from operational sections to executive rooms.
In any case, the ideal desk must be large enough to accommodate monitors, keyboards and other devices useful for work activities, leaving enough space for any files.

Which desk to choose for your office?

When you spend so many hours a day sitting at your desk, it's important to have a comfortable, functional worktop that adapts perfectly to all your needs. The aesthetics of office desks differ depending on the environment in which they are placed.
The workstation desks can be medium or small in size and must be easily placed in the rooms to create different configurations depending on the space available. The most common in offices are undoubtedly the rectangular desks, equipped with a linear worktop, more or less large and designed for those who work a full day at the computer; or there are the corner desks, designed for optimal use of the entire available work area. These desks are often accessorized with undercounter drawers, trolleys or metal supports for the PC case and holes with cable routing systems.
The operative desks are made of light materials in order to be easily moved inside the work areas: among the most used are the desks in melamine faced panels, generally between 25 and 30 mm thick, covered in melamine or plastic laminate.
Executive desks have the same objectives, but are much more aesthetically oriented than operational desks. This type of desk is placed in management offices, where it is important to represent the company with elegance and style, in the presence of customers, sales representatives and partners.
Because of their need for representation, the executive desks are made with high quality materials and finishes. The classic and timeless wooden office desks give the room an elegant look and combine aesthetics with the ease of maintenance of the material.
The glass office desks, on the other hand, combined with wooden or steel structures, are suitable for the most modern offices. Finally, the leather desks, which represent another great classic in the office world, are perfect for furnishing environments in any style, from modern to classic.

The design of office desks

Speaking of design, and office desks in particular, working environments are increasingly often the places where new solutions can be experimented; if in the last century the factory was the space to be reinvented, today designers and architects focus their attention on reinventing offices and work furniture.
Today, office desks are the places where most of the work is spent, and it is essential that they are high-performance and in step with the times, capable of combining functionality and aesthetics.
The use of innovative materials coexists with the need for increasingly smart and versatile multitasking locations.
For the most versatile working environments, and therefore requiring constant movement and adaptation of space, office desks with castors are used, often also equipped with flap tops.
The latest trend in the office, designed to support the attention to ergonomics and the well-being of workers, is to create working desks with adjustable height and electric movement. These are flexible furnishings that allow you to change position and view in a safe and comfortable way.

Office desks and ergonomics

Another element to consider when choosing the right desk is ergonomics; for many workers, the office is where they spend most of their time and for this reason it is necessary to maintain correct postures and follow rules. Ergonomics contribute to the well-being of workers and thus increase their efficiency and performance. According to these principles, the minimum dimensions for a rectangular desk, to have sufficient depth for keyboard, screen and documents, are 120 cm long and 80 cm deep. It is always important to make sure that the height of the worktop is correct so that you can use the computer keyboard without tiring your back or risking damage caused by poor posture.

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