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High-back lobby chair

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MZPA / THE PLANET / High-back lobby chair

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High-back lobby chair


Metal, Plywood

Design Year

The Planet is a creative approach to the boundaries of your personal space, totally new level of comfort work in the office.‎ It features a minimalist design that celebrates the beauty of simplicity and the power of futuristic design.‎ We used to exist and work in limited and measured space.‎ Tight bee cell of a divided office where we endeavour to promote development and create our future.‎

Creating this product we tried to find own point of harmony and interaction with each others in the office.‎ We were searching for an interior design solution that would give a boost to unfold our inner space and inspire to generate unique ideas dividing our mind from the bustle and noise of the surrounding world.‎

The Planet - an innovative solution for co-working and open-spaces.‎ It brings together minimalism and comfort in an eye-catching and clever design.‎ Ideal for both residential and commercial spaces, MZPA provides a sophisticated take on a furniture design.‎

The Planet can substitute a personal cabinet and even relax zone.‎ It is great for the moments when you need to stay alone, gather your thoughts and focus attention on the task, take your mind off the office bustle, switch yourself and have a cup of coffee alone.‎ While designing The Planet we took into account the needs of our coworkers , and devised a multifunctional and comfortable place with distinctive look and feel.‎ An ergonomic mattress and such additional conveniences as a storage pocket, led-lamp, USB charging, speaker system and even solar panels – make The Planet a true stand-alone station for work and leisure.‎

The basis of The Planet is a constructor made up from triangular segments and fastenings.‎ Adding or removing segments, you can change the shape and vary the degree of openness to the world around you.‎  The Planet has a distinctive personality that makes it stand out among other modern designs.‎ A sophisticated example of contemporary armchair design, The Planet blends clean lines with complementing materials in a creative way.‎ A perfect complement of the decor with refined and minimalist aesthetics.‎

Standard complectation: 4 legs, 30 steel connecting elements, 51 triangular plywood segments, metal triangular cover, screws, leather mattress with filler.‎ The color of each element is available at customer`s option (on RAL).‎ A color of leather is available at customer`s option.‎ A mattress made of fabric is possible.‎

Fabric: Bond
- Martindale 21000
- Weight 250 g/m2
- Composition 100% PO

Further info from manufacturer on THE PLANET
Height 1.7m
Diameter 1.4m
Weight 264lb (120 kg)
Dimensions THE PLANET
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The Planet Collection by MZPA
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