MOMENTI AH-009 Author made artistic print




Author made artistic print

Momenti offers the possibility to decorate your own environments with a wide range of art prints.‎
This is made possible thanks to a selection of international artists, who have lent their creativity to our research of design and new image solutions.‎
Each creation reflects its artist and his creative flair, giving the artistic prints of MOMENTI inimitable colors and shapes.‎

Ashima Kumar
Ashima Kumar is a qualified graphics designer and a visual artist.‎ She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the prestigious College of Art, Delhi, India in 1993.‎ Since then, she has set up her design studio.‎

The Painting Collection is an artistic print made on different materials, researched and designed specifically for the line.‎
MOMENTI produces modern works of art, thanks to its team of artists and the knowledge and use of color, image and the taste for furnishing and excitement.‎
The result is Art applied to everyday Design.‎

Supports used for the Painting collection:

- PMMA panel - Thickness: 0.‎5 cm
- Honeycomb eco-panel with material coating - Thickness: 4 cm
- Aluminum panel with material coating - Thickness: 0.‎3 cm
- Aluminum canvas panel with “Tecno Fiber” fabric covering - Thickness: 4 cm
- Sound absorbing panel with polyethylene and acoustic polyester - Thickness: 5 cm
- Glass wool sound absorbing panel - Thickness: 5.‎8 cm (including frame)

Linear and shaped frames for PMMA and aluminum panels:
- LEWIS model / Size: minimum 53.‎5x53.‎5 cm - maximum 203x295 cm
- CLARK model / Size: minimum 59x59 cm; maximum 209x295 cm

Frame with linear profile in solid wood for glass wool sound-absorbing panel:
Minimum size / minimum size 52.‎5x52.‎5
Maximum size / maximum size 122.‎5x292.‎5

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