Metalfire AVENUE PLUS MF 700-60 GHE 1S Closed gas fireplace

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AVENUE PLUS MF 700-60 GHE 1S By Metalfire


Closed gas fireplace

Avenue Plus MF 700-60 GHE 1S is the gas closed fireplace.‎
Smoke Exhaust (Ø mm) 100/150
G20 Output (kW) 5,8
G20 Efficiency (%) 90
Ecolabel A (G20) / B (G30)

The Avenue Plus represents the latest generation of closed gas-fired fireplaces.‎ Although the output is lower than the Avenue series, the Avenue plus achieves the highest efficiency in the Metalfire range, 90%.‎ Once again, the key words are comfort and ease of use, accompanied by a breath-taking play of flames and unprecedented sensations.‎ The fireplace can be turned on or off using the RF remote control.‎ The RF remote control makes it possible to set the flame height and temperature manually, or to use a self programmable timer.‎ It is also possible to activate the Ecowave feature.‎ The remote control must be at room temperature to work properly.‎ A completely new burner system has been developed for the Avenue collection.‎ As well as the ECOWAVE feature, the burner system has been designed with 2 burners.‎ For a cosy atmosphere the inner burner (so just one burner) provides a limited but realistic imitation wood fire, using around 50% of the power of the burner system.‎ Ideal if you want an attractive fire but less heating.‎ Use of both the interior and exterior burners simultaneously uses maximum power, resulting in maximum heating! In ECOWAVE mode, the flame height alternates automatically between the highest and lowest settings.‎ This creates a dynamic fire (and very realistic imitation of a wood fire in combination with the ceramic logs) and delivers a 40%saving in gas consumption compared with use of the highest setting.‎ Dynamic, aesthetic and and economical all at once.‎

Fuel: Natural gas / Propano Ecolabel
Door system: all the fireplaces in the AVENUE collection are fitted with a glass plate that can be removed using the suction cups provided.‎
Positioning the fireplace: The fireplace is fitted with four adjustable feet.‎

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Avenue Plus Collection by Metalfire
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