LUCIFERO'S I-PIPEDI | Ceiling lamp

Extruded aluminium ceiling lamp

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I-PIPEDI | Ceiling lamp


Extruded aluminium ceiling lamp


extruded aluminium

Ceiling-mounted, wall-munted or hanging fixtures for fix or adjustable direct lighting.‎ Complete with professional LED source, or for 12V/230V GU5,3 QR-CB51 and 230V GU10 QPAR16 led/halogen lamps.‎ Complete with control-gear box.‎ Cylindrical body in painted extruded aluminium.‎ Complete with ceiling mounting bracket, L.‎ 2000 mm feed cable and suspension steel cables with micrometric regulation system or wall fixing bracket, according to the model.‎ IP20/IP54 degreeof protection.‎

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I-Pipedi Collection by LUCIFERO'S
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