Low lounge chairs

Current trends in the world of the outdoor show an increasing tendency for design to draw a line of continuity between the indoor and the outdoor, shaping compositions where the passage from the indoor to the outdoor and the other way round features several common and similar traits. Chilling on an armchair, for instance, is but one of the best moments during the day. Having the possibility to do it also outside is with an absolute added value. This is why low lounge chairs need to be comfortable and functional just like any other furniture in the living room. Thanks to their limited size, they are a furnishing solution that allows not to take up as much space as a normal armchair, thus giving the chance to express creativity at a maximum degree when furnishing a space. From the more contemporary to the more classic low lounge chairs, the market opens up to a wide choice of models, thought to meet any practical and aesthetic demand.

Low lounge chairs: materials and functionality

There are certain parameters to be taken into account when choosing low lounge chairs and they include the model design, the material and the context where the chairs will be inserted. Wood is by far the most used material when speaking of outdoor seating. In the case of low lounge chairs for the outdoor wood is only used for the frame, which is afterwards covered with different kinds of fabrics, from the more classic cotton to textilene. Low lounge chairs in synthetic fiber are definitely the most recommended. As a matter of fact, such a fabric can be exposed to sun rays, rain, ice, snow, salt and chlorine, without running the risk of getting ruined. This is precisely what is needed when we are looking for seating that do not need maintenance and that can stay outside even in the winter months. A perfect example of this are low lounge chairs in rattan, absolutely one of the most classical, contemporary and refined alternatives. Low lounge chairs in wrought iron, on the other hand, are the ideal choice if you are looking for a romantic and chic style. Among the other options, low lounge chairs in aluminum stick out, these material being both resistant and extremely light at the same time. Such chairs are particularly suitable for modern gardens composed of mobile elements with a contemporary taste. Plastic is also largely used as a material in furniture for the outdoor. Low lounge chairs in plastic are very practical as they can be left outside even during winter and are incredibly easy to clean up.

Outdoor design low lounge chairs for a trendy garden

In principle, the style of low lounge chairs for the outdoor should reflect the general style of the outdoor. Classic style low lounge chairs, that feature traditional lines and wefts, look perfect under a porch or in the garden of an ancient villa. A set of design low lounge chairs in metal or colored plastic, instead, will contribute to enrich a contemporary environment. For sure that aesthetics and relaxation go hand in hand; nonetheless it is also important that the chosen model is as practical as possible. This is why stackable low lounge chairs are the best if the aim is to maximize the available space with the furniture. Also folding low lounge chairs are a great compromise, as they are handy to put back if they are not used. Low lounge chairs can also be paired with a sofa and a table, always keeping in mind the available space. This way, it will be possible to set up a real exterior living area where to chill and rest, or to welcome our guests in sunny days.

Low lounge chairs to enjoy moments of relax in the garden

Garden chairs are very versatile, but often don’t meet that need of extra comfort that only a beautiful armchair can provide. In this sense, low lounge chairs are a perfect solution. The seating surface of such furnishing complement is more generous and the backrest comfortably supports the spine. As such, a low lounge chairs of this kind can also be combined with small lunch tables, so to offer our family and guests a comfortable seat even while waiting for the barbecue to be ready. With the help of some padded cushion, in the blink of an eye such a complement can turn into a snug nestle where to enjoy the summer sun or the night fresh air, with a nice read or chatting with friends. ... More ... less
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