Louis Poulsen TOLDBOD 290 POST LED die cast aluminium street lamp

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TOLDBOD 290 POST By Louis Poulsen


LED die cast aluminium street lamp

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Toldbod 290 Post is a LED die cast aluminium street lamp.‎

Environmental Product Specification
This product is compliant with the requirements contained in the European Directives, RoHS Directive 2011/65 and 2015/863.‎ This product is designed so that 100% of the product can be disassembled and reused.‎

Fixture heads without pole are available for Ø 48mm or Ø 60mm poles.‎ For fixture complete with Ø 60mm pole: choose ”for Ø 48mm pole” (pole stub); outer pole dimension is Ø 60mm.‎ Please note that for the aluminium coloured version both the pole top, arm and the pole itself are galvanised.‎ Galvanised surfaces will oxidise and form a thin zinc-oxide layer on the surface over time.‎ This can result in an inconsistent surface finish during oxidation.‎ This process might have begun already during stocking/transportation.‎ The formed zinc-oxide layer protects the galvanizing against additional corrosion.‎ All variants available with Zhaga socket for Smart City compatibility.‎ Including CLO and night time dimming options.‎ LED Upgrade Kit available for updating conventional variants to LED variants.‎ Please contact Louis Poulsen for 2700K.‎

Pole dimension: Ø 48mm or Ø 60mm.‎ Installation cable: 3,5m 2x1mm² (-DPC Cl.‎II), 3,5m 3x1mm² (-DPC Cl.‎I), 3,5m 4x1mm² (-DAC Cl.‎II), 3,5m 5x1mm² (-DAC Cl.‎I).‎ Driver: In fixture head.‎

Aluminium coloured with textured surface or black with textured surface, powder coated.‎

Fixture head: Die cast aluminium.‎ Shield: Injection moulded clear polycarbonate.‎ Pole top: Galvanized, steel.‎

Sizes and weights
Width x Height x Length (mm) | 290 x 300 x 475 Max 10.‎7 kg

Ingress protection IP65.‎ Electric shock protection I w.‎ ground, II w/o ground.‎ IK08.‎

Light source
LED 3000K 20W
Lumen: 1928

The light is directed 100% downwards and the shade has a matt white painted interior emitting a soft, diffused, comfortable light.‎

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