LONDONART THE GOOD LIFE Geometric wallpaper with floral pattern




Geometric wallpaper with floral pattern

Manufacture year



Valeria Zaltron

The wallpapers of the Exclusive Wallpaper 2015 collection combine design, functionality and materials, representing a contemporary and custom made element able to respond to different needs.‎ Fashion, graphic elements and architecture are combined and together with materials, fabrics, aesthetics and decoration identify the Londonart brand.‎

Raw is a vinyl wall covering with a non-woven backing.‎ Characterized by an embossed and irregular surface, similar to a painter’s canvas and is suitable for interior, both walls and ceilings.‎ Raw resistant shocks and is easy to mantain, also is washable, applicable with glue and removable dry.‎
Non-woven fabric (70% cellulose - 20% synthetic fibre - 8% additives), 100% PVC spread on the decorative side of which 4% flameproof components
A support for interior wall coverings that has an embossed and irregular surface that recalls the artistic surface of a painting, which is very pleasant to the touch as well as visually.‎ This type of support is particularly resistant to wear, shock and is easy to maintain thanks to the combination of the vinyl base with 100% cotton canvas.‎ It is also fire retardant, washable, antibacterial and anti-mould, UV resistant, and produced without solvents or heavy metals.‎ Thanks to these technical characteristics it is also ideal for the contract and for all public environments.‎
Composition: PVC 92%; cotton backing 8%
Support with a smooth surface in non-woven fabric without PVC, usable only indoors, both ceiling or wall, and is recyclable, breathable and applicable with glue.‎
Material: 71% cellulose 21% fibre and 8% additives.‎
Sound-absorbing support that allows to reduce the noise coming from outside the building, but also those generated in the adjacent rooms or living units, this is possible thanks to the vinyl fabric in differentiated layers.‎ It is particularly suitable in all environments that require greater peace of mind such as: executive and operational offices, open spaces, restaurants, gyms, swimming pools and private homes.‎ Moreover, responding to the needs of acoustic correction is also indicated in all rooms that require purity in the diffusion of sounds such as: cinemas and auditions, conference halls, theaters, nightclubs, domestic environments with high-fidelity systems.‎ The ease of application of the product allows you to create compositions articulated and of great effect in a simple and fast, also thanks to its thickness, has the advantage of being able to be applied on waalls not perfectly treated hiding irregularities.‎ Washable, fire-retardant, UV-resistant, antibacterial and anti-mould and does not contain solvents or heavy metals.‎
Composition: 92% PVC and plasticizers; 8% cotton support
Made with special yarns of very thin glass fibers, obtained in melting at a temperature of 1400°.‎ The fibres thus obtained retain, even in the fabrics, the chemical and physical characteristics of the glass.‎ It has an embossed surface simulating a flamed fabric.‎ Glass is fireproof and is available in two finishes:
Blue glass finish: for wet environments with hinged water, internal shower, back sinks and exterior walls.‎ It has high mechanical strength and is washable.‎ The kit consists of a consolidating base (Improving primer), waterproof Glue, Fiber Glass decorated with the chosen design, Protective Finish (Glass Finish) and Sealant.‎
White glass finish: for environments that require frequent cleaning and subject to wear and tear such as kitchens or public spaces.‎ It has high mechanical strength and is washable.‎ The kit consists of Glue, the Fiber glass decorated with the chosen design, the protective finish (Glass finish).‎
Material: Glass fiber.‎

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RAW: roll width 50 cm; height: on demand
BOLD: roll width 65 cm; height: on demand
GREEN: roll width 50 cm; height: on demand
SOUNDPROOF: roll width 65 cm; height: on demand
GLASS: roll width 94 cm; height: on demand

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