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Children’s bedside tables may not be an essential piece of furniture for your child’s room, but they sure make the room cool and functional. If you put it near the bed your kid could use it to put their little things like a book or a water bottle. You could put a lamp on it to keep them company at night. You may want to choose a model with rounded edges so to avoid bumps. Would you rather have a model with shelves or drawers? Depends on what you want your bedside table to contain. Shelves are best suited if you want to store neatly your kids’ stuff while the drawers, which are definitively larger, can contain night clothes, small objects and whatever you want to keep safe. Also the bedside tables have to be in the style the other furniture is in. So, spirals, inlay work, tapered feet and precious knobs for your classic style kids’ bedside tables. Gaudy colors, stylized shapes, essential lines for your contemporary style kids bedside tables. ... More ... less
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