KALZIP Double-seaming FalZinc®

Continuous metal laminate for facade

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KALZIP / Double-seaming FalZinc® / Continuous metal laminate for facade

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Double-seaming FalZinc®


Continuous metal laminate for facade

The foldable Kalzip with a zinc surface uses the symbiosis of two tried-and-tested materials: aluminium and zinc.‎ Using the PEGAL procedure patented by Kalzip GmbH, a pre-weathered zinc surface is applied to an aluminium core.‎ The result is a product that unites the restrained, elegant looks of pre-weathered zinc in an ideal way with the advantages of aluminium and thus sets standards in looks and quality.‎  
FalZinc impresses by its maximum resistance to corrosion.‎ Investigations in accordance with DIN 50017 KFW and HCT tests confirm this product quality.‎ Resistant connections between aluminium and zinc resulting from the weathering produce a significant stabilisation of the surface.‎
The advantages of FalZinc:
Restrained, classic zinc appearance
Highest possible surface durability thanks to special processes
The weather-related erosion rate is negligibly small, as is typical for aluminium
No rear-sided corrosion
No structured isolating layers necessary on solid wood formwork
Good pliability and high ease of assembly, even at low temperatures.‎ Workability without preheating, without brittleness.‎

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