Kaldewei AVOCADO DREAMS - OYO DUO Oval freestanding enamelled steel bathtub




Oval freestanding enamelled steel bathtub

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With the Oyo Duo, Wood enchants a true masterpiece from Kaldewei: with this freestanding bathtub, it becomes immediately apparent that luxury and sustainability, circularity and design can go hand in hand.‎ The double-walled bathtub, inspired by Japanese porcelain manufacture, is made of 100 percent recyclable and therefore sustainable steel enamel.‎ Its precise shaping is only made possible by the highest German engineering skills.‎ Wood's "Avocado Disco" design for the Oyo Duo quite literally allows you to dive into other spheres.‎ 

With her unique sense of design Bethan Laura Wood and her ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary she was the perfect partner for Kaldewei.‎  Their joint collaboration has resulted in the creation of ‘Avocado Dreams’ a collection that encompasses three, luxurious, and sustainable iconic steel enamel pieces from Kaldewei - a bathtub, shower tray and washbowl.‎  There are three colour variants in this thought provoking display a green ‘Avocado Swirl’, a purple-blue version ‘Avocado Sea’ and a complete colour explosion ‘Avocado disco’.‎  

When seen through the eye of the designer the Kaldewei objects, once decorated with the almost psychedelic patterns from Wood's pen, become true art pieces.‎  At first glance they seem more suited for a museum or an art gallery than for a consumer setting.‎  But it is precisely this ambiguous character that makes this collaboration fascinating.‎
With Kaldewei, Bethan Laura Wood has once again redefined the boundaries of design, this time in the bathroom, by showing how creative collaboration can be an inspiration for a sustainable and aesthetic world.‎ The dazzling colours, diverse shapes and patterns create an otherworldly, fantasy element, yet it’s eminently practical and environmentally friendly.‎  The products are 100 percent circular and will return to their origins after an extensive lifespan in accordance with the Cradle-to-Cradle principle.‎   Avocado Dreams is an ode to the power of complex creative design, whilst proving that luxurious design, sustainability, high-tech manufacturing and craftsmanship can go hand in hand especially when combines with boundless imagination.‎

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1630 x 770 x 439 mm 
1730 x 820 x 439 mm

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