K-array AXLE KRX402 Medium-format high pressure powered stereo system


AXLE KRX402 By K-array


Medium-format high pressure powered stereo system

The Axle-KRX402 is the medium format system of our Axle line that delivers more pressure and a more extended bass response than the smaller Axle-KRX202.‎ It is comprised of an array of two Dragon-KX12 12" coaxial loudspeakers, which can be flown, paired with one 21” Thunder-KMT21 subwoofer per side in a stereo configuration.‎

By combining the Dragon loudspeaker with active K-array subwoofers, the three portable systems in the Axle line are created: KRX202, KRX402, and KRX802.‎ As sound on-the-go, the Axle line is the perfect solution for touring DJs, multi-purpose lounges and clubs; basically, anywhere a lot of pressure is needed in the near field.‎
The Dragon tops of the system feature an asymmetric horn with variable orientation that allow the user to adjust the emission angle simply by rotating the horn.‎ In one position the sound dispersion pattern is wide (FLOOD - 100°) in the horizontal plane and narrow (SPOT - 30°) in the vertical plane.‎ In the other position the sound dispersion pattern is narrow (SPOT - 30°) in the horizontal plane and wide (FLOOD - 100°) in the vertical plane.‎
And the self-powered Thunder subs maintain the same digital editing features of all our active subwoofers such as an integrated touch screen that provides intuitive control over the main DSP functions, such as input/output levels, signal routing, offset delays for subwoofer and mid-high speaker output (up to 12 ms each) and overall system delays (up to 330 ms).‎ All DSP functions of the systems, including EQ, can also be controlled remotely via software through USB or RS485 (3 pin XLR).‎ With the K-dante accessory, the Axle can connect with a Dante network.‎
All systems can be flown or stacked with dedicated accessories like an extendable pole or brackets for hanging.‎ The easily-adjustable fixed angles and modular capabilities allow for various arrangements of setup.‎

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