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SWING N.3 | Wooden armchair

Swing wooden armchair

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Iwona Kosicka Design / SWING N.3 | Wooden armchair / Swing wooden armchair

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SWING N.3 | Wooden armchair By Iwona Kosicka Design


Swing wooden armchair


Oak, Plywood

Manufacture year

You may think it sounds a little childish or a little dangerous to have a swing inside, but it can actually be a stylish and even romantic way to add some extra seating or just some extra character to your place.‎
We promise it’ll be your favourite feature in the house.‎ Seriously, who wouldn’t want to play on one of these chic swings.‎
An indoor swing is surprisingly versatile and can look sleek and industrial, or can go full-on bohemian romance.‎
If you’re lucky enough to have high ceilings and a little extra floor space, check out our swings and get inspired to have a little fun!


Displaying a simple round shape, this charming swing chair easily adapts to a variety of contemporary decors.‎
The unconventional piece appeals to children and adults alike, making it a lovely catalyst for socializing.‎
The swing it is unsuitable to outdoor.‎ It is not hot sunlight and rain resistant.‎ Price of indoor version, in standard colours, waxoil finish: natural oak, little white, white and black.‎


A simple round shape for patio, balcony and garden.‎ The idea of leg-supported seating units does not appeal much to Polish designer Iwona Kosicka, who recently created SWING, her version of a comfortable chair.‎ Price of outdoor version, varnish finish in standard colours: natural oak, little white, white and black.‎

6m rope - For special order any length of rope is possible.‎

Further info from manufacturer on SWING N.3 | Wooden armchair Iwona Kosicka Design
Diameter: 110 cm | Depth: Seat – 33.5 cm
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