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Polyamide rug

WOOW rugs are a condensed of sounds, shapes, colours, scents and a whirlwind of the most diverse sensations you can imagine.‎
It's a rug that decides which sensations making feel you, although, to be precise, you’ll decide them, yes you, together with it!
We want to offer you a rug that makes you feel good, that can fill your life with colours and extraordinary adventures.‎ This is why the first collection of WOOW RUGS is called SYNESTHESIA.‎ It means being able to smell, taste or hear colours; being able to see music or the shape of a sound or a taste.‎
Our rugs feature images that sounds melodious and aim to convey a rich invisible world that can only be revealed through the interaction with the product, starting with the observation.‎
It will then be possible to match the images with sensations that are very different from each other, letting the senses take hold of our hearts to reveal those deep emotions that the experience will allow to emerge.‎
In a flash, you will be transported on a journey to distant countries where you can smell the stinging smells of the local markets; it will be exciting to take part to an eclipse or the spectacle of a volcanic eruption and be enchanted by the lights of its colours; touching the silkiness of amber and getting benefits for the spirit.‎
It will be possible to delve into the colours of one's emotions in an introspective journey in search of oneself.‎

Our rugs are designed to stimulate well-being and good humour.‎ Creativity is the key element of the product, a fundamental characteristic that defines its strong personality.‎
WOOW RUGS are made of non-allergenic and non-toxic yarns.‎ They are durable, easy to clean and do not contain any harmful substances.‎ The rugs are made with full respect for nature at all stages of production, from the selection of materials to printing technology.‎ They can be used in any type of environment thanks to the technical characteristics that attest to their high degree of reliability.‎

Edging is recommended not only for aesthetic reasons but also for technical reasons.‎ Edgebanding protects the rug from edge wear over time and prevents raw cut edges from fraying.‎ We offer two types of edging in our range: Objecta woven ribbon edging and yarn edging.‎ They are available in different colours whose chromatic options have been defined to match the different graphics visible in the collection catalogue.‎

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