Hot tubs

If you wish to enjoy some hours of chilling in a pool, at any time during the day and without leaving home, hot tubs is what you need! Hot tubs can rightly be considered spa treatments on a domestic scale, an ideal solution when the limited or inadequate space, or technical impediments, do not allow to have a normal size swimming pool. In a garden or on a terrace, in the bathroom, in the living area or even in the bedroom; hot tubs can be installed both indoor and outdoor, ensuring multi-sensory enjoyment either when alone, or in company. Among the highest in demand there are hydromassage hot tubs, which play their part in relieving the stress we accumulate every day, leaving a sensation of delight and wellness for the body and the state of mind.

The psycho-physical benefits of hot tubs

Soaking in your hot tub can be a true panacea for your health. The water hot temperature, the massage made by swiveling water jets and the ergonomic shape of the hot tub bring down the body tension and soothe your muscles. They can also improve your blood circulation, the quality of your sleep, together with alleviating other uneasiness symptoms like headache. Besides hydromassage, there are hot tubs with chromotherapy that, thanks to underwater lights, emit rays of colored lights able to infuse energy and balance while ameliorating the mood. Next to chromotherapy, hot tubs can feature built-in sound or aromatherapy systems that, through the use of essential oils or aromatic herbs, have a positive effect on your body and emotional health.

How to choose the hot tub that best suits your needs?

When choosing a design hot tub there are several factors to keep in mind. In the first place, you need to determine where to put it. As a matter of fact next to models for the indoor, there are also hot tubs for the outdoor that can be installed in the backyard, on a terrace or on a patio. In this case it will be necessary to consider the climate of the place you live, although heated hot tubs are a solution in cold temperatures. For terrace hot tubs a static test must be performed together with one that verifies that the terrace capacity can support the load we are adding. As for garden hot tubs, they can be positioned directly on the grass above which an anti-slip surface can be laid, as for instance wooden decks. The space available is another important element to take into account. If you wish to share your soothing moments with your partner, a friend or a relative, two seats hot tubs will do. If on the other hand you wish to spend some hours chatting with friends in the garden, in an atmosphere of absolute conviviality, you can opt for an outdoor hot tub with 8 seats and above. If you choose an indoor hot tub you need to consider the slab lift, because when fully loaded a hot tub weights roughly 450kg/m². Despite being an ideal solution both for privacy reasons and because it provides for an unrestricted use unbounded to climate conditions, installing hot tubs indoor is often not doable due to technical restrains. The last factor, but not the least relevant, is your budget. Inexpensive hot tubs can turn into a burdensome expenditure if you add the hundreds options and accessories suggested by manufacturing companies.

Hot tubs main characteristics

Hot tubs can be installed in two different ways, either freestanding or inground. Above ground hot tubs are freestanding basins that can be positioned anywhere, provided that there is connection to electric energy. Built-in hot tubs, on the other hand, imply more charges for installation, since they require a pit and a niche for inspection running along the perimeter. Spa hot tubs are designed in collaboration with physiotherapists in order to enable the final clients to enjoy the advantages of hydromassage. Adjustable jets and swivel nozzles are placed ergonomically in correspondence with each seat, for a progressively intense massage. Nozzles can be oriented individually so to obtain different types of jets. The intensity and direction of the hydromassages, the water temperature regulation and the jets number are managed through a digital control board for the hydrotherapy to be efficient. There are plenty of ergonomic seats, from the classic and the therapeutic ones, recommended to heal back-related illnesses, to lounge seats letting the body lay down completely for full head-to-toe massages.

Hot tubs and the accessories you can’t do without

As already mentioned, in addition to the standard equipment, hot tubs can be equipped with extra accessories like the devices for chromotherapy and aromatherapy. Next to that there are headrests, water fountains, sound systems and thermal covers for a 360° wellness experience. Among the latest trends on the market swim spas are taking hold; They allow to swim even in small-sized tubs and even to work out in the water and then relax with a hydro therapeutic massage.

Design hot tubs

Design in hot tubs has no limits. From the more classic square hot tubs to the more capacious rectangular versions and the highly vogue round hot tubs; it’s up to you to pick the shape you like the most! In above-ground hot tubs the external covering weighs on the final outlook of the tub, turning it into a real lounge area where to relax in company. The choice ranges from more classic wood-covered hot tubs, for a timeless elegance, to the most glamorous ones with faux leather covering, conceived to resist bed weather.

What are the differences between hot tubs and a hydromassage tubs?

In spite of the similar functions hot tubs and hydromassage tubs have, there are significant structural and usage differences among the two. First of all, EPS hot tubs or hot tubs in fiberglass are thicker than normal tubs, so to ensure a higher thermal insulation, especially when installed outdoor. Hot tubs do not require to be connected to the water system, since they are filled by means of a flexible pipe and emptied through a specific discharge mechanism. On the other hand, a specific electronic system must be foreseen to power hot tubs components such as the pump, engine, filter, ozonator and heater. Moreover, like it is the case for big swimming pools, hot tubs can contain water even for long periods thanks to a water filtering system and to the ozonator, a device hydromassage tubs are not supplied with. Ozonators are crucial in order to reduce the amount of disinfectant needed to keep the water clean. Hot tubs shall be cleaned with particular cleansers, devoid of abrasive substances and non-toxic. As a matter of fact, ordinary cleansers alter the water pH and can produce foam. Heaters allow to heat the water in hot tubs also in the coldest season; in hydromassage tubs the water temperature depends on the water system and its retention on the insulating properties of the shell. Eventually, hot tubs are endowed with a cartridge filter that needs to be carefully cleaned on a monthly basis or changed every year. To conclude, hydromassage tubs have much more contained dimensions. ... More ... less
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