HI-MACS HI-MACS® for façades

Solid Surface material for façades

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HI-MACS® for façades


Solid Surface material for façades


HI-MACS®, Solid Surface

HI-MACS® is not only excellent indoors, but is also ideal for use on façades and as cladding, firstly due to its three-dimensional thermoplastic forming capabilities, secondly thanks to its extensive range of colours that have excellent resistance to weathering.
A robust and durable material
The HI-MACS® facade colour range withstands humidity, UV radiation or variations in temperature thanks to homogeneous, non-porous material and other advantageous properties.
Easy to maintain
Easy to clean and maintain, the perfect function and visual effect will last for many years (even damage caused by graffiti can be removed without any trace).
Extra fire resistant formulation HI-MACS® FR
HI-MACS® FR- version sheets in S728 Alpine White comply with IMO Standard Modules B+D and M1. FR sheets are especially suitable for use in public-buildings, external facades and in the marine industry.
Suitable for facade
Fixed with Keil inserts and a BWM structure, HI-MACS® facade in S728 - Alpine White successfully passed the ETA tests (European Technical Agreement).
Invisible Fixing System
HI-MACS® panels are mounted — invisibly from the outside — to the aluminium substructure. We recommend using an invisible undercut anchor which is offered by Keil attachment technology.

Further details
Before it could be awarded the excellent fire resistance class B1, the HI-MACS® range of colours for façades had to pass all the applicable tests, in particular, the fire resistance tests carried out by well-known independent authorities in cooperation with the German supervisory authorities in the building industry and in conformance with their extremely strict regulations.
Unlike other similar materials on the market, HI-MACS® is the first Solid Surface to enjoy official European Technical Approval (ETA) for façades – for Alpine White S728 colour – which was awarded by the European Organisation for Technical Approvals (EOTA).
The ETA certification is valid in all European Union countries.
The versatility of HI-MACS® in the construction of façades is demonstrated by a series of major projects: Leonardo Glass Cube, Villa Wiese, Beneteau HQ, Toto Lotto GmbH, Schönhauser Tor, Pan-gyo Residence and Westfield Zara.
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