GRAFF TOPAZ 3 hole wall-mounted washbasin tap


TOPAZ | Wall-mounted washbasin tap By GRAFF


3 hole wall-mounted washbasin tap

There are times when the sink, vanity, and overall design of a bathroom call for the sweetest faucet available.‎ Topaz is that faucet.‎ Delicate in look but made with the same precision that defines all of GRAFF’s products, Topaz is the most versatile faucet choice for transitional or traditional spaces.‎ The spout is gently curved, with a faceted base mirrored in the beautiful, almost jeweled facets of the handles.‎ The handle lever is curved ever-so-slightly – giving the handle the look of an antique inkwell.‎ When shown in polished chrome, the look is more transitional.‎ When shown in olive bronze or antique copper, Topaz is the jewel of the traditional bathroom.‎ Available as wall-mount, roman tub set, lavatory, and in the pressure balancing tub and shower set, the showerhead reflects the facets of the Topaz with its hexagonal shape – also mirrored in the facets of the spout base and handles.‎ A truly timeless product.‎

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