Garden side tables

Adaptable and functional, garden side tables are a piece of furniture able to enrich or complete the furniture of the outdoor living area. Outdoor side tables are very useful as a counter for cocktails or coffee breaks. They are an ideal solution for the outdoor, a fusion of aesthetics and functionality, the perfect setting for really unique moments. Besides being appealing to the eye, side tables need to be multipurpose and comfortable enough to accommodate potential guests. They are the right kind of complement to have dinner or lunch alfresco in beautiful sunny days, sitting on the grass, and are a great worksurface during gardening works. In the spare time they can serve as small desks or to lay all those items and tools that are normally used in a garden. Outdoor side tables reply to different needs and therefore furnish the available outside space in a practical way, be it large or small. They can be placed in diverse contexts depending on their size and function and are available in a host of versions that range from handy and casual, to more sturdy and classy.

General characteristics of outdoor side tables

Side tables can have specific features. They can be fixed, folding, extending, stackable and removable; there are different top sizes and shapes, including round, square, rectangular, hexagonal and oval; there are different finishing materials of a surprising aesthetic impact and highly resistant to all climate conditions. Side tables need to be anyhow chosen in harmony with the room available and the overall look of the environment to be furnished. Rectangular garden side tables are great to be placed against a wall or beneath a large canopy, sheltered from rain and strong sun rays in the hottest season of the year. Round outdoor side tables are best to occupy the central space in a garden or a particularly spacious balcony. If there is not enough space to set up a gazebo or a full size outdoor living area, folding or stackable side tables could be used on the occurrence, or a side table with casters can be moved when the need comes. If you wish to invite friends and family over for a drink outside in the summertime, but do not have much space, you can opt for extending outdoor tables, perfect to save quite some space when used just by two or three people.

Garden side-tables, perfect tops to complete your outdoor living area

Next to size and shapes, garden side tables need to be chosen considering their resistance to different weather conditions. In autumn as in winter, such elements are put under significant strain by frequent rains and low temperatures. Their surfaces bleach and can wear to the point that more or less evident cracks form, undermining the table general stability. The same goes for sun rays that in the summer affect colors and materials. Outdoor wooden side tables are among the most desired and sought after since they have the best qualities as far as resistance to weather conditions and use in concerned. However, wood is also a material subject to rotting if excessively exposed to humidity and cracks formation is a possibility under extremely high temperature. To avert this, the wood that is permanently destined to the outdoor is previously treated with specific impregnating oils that make it extremely enduring. The most used essences are teak and iroko. Valid alternatives to wood are represented by other materials as fine and natural as wood, such as wicker, woven wicker and rattan. Metal outdoor side tables are often made of wrought iron. Nowadays, however they are also made of stainless steel and aluminum with an exclusive, utterly contemporary, design. Such materials can stand atmospheric agents if constantly and carefully maintained. Plastic materials such as synthetic resins and PVC are very much used to shape lightweight furniture, easy to be moved on the occurrence and that do not require too of a big investment at the beginning, nor much maintenance afterwards. As a matter of fact, garden side tables in plastic, polyethylene, polycarbonate are lighter, more adaptable and can come in a multitude of shapes and shades.
Overall, modern garden side tables are characterized by tenuous nuances and sharp lines and can also be made of die cast aluminum or woven synthetic fibers that simulate rattan.

Outdoor side tables. Modern, handy and functional

Helpful and easily movable, garden side tables are an essential element to peacefully enjoy any outdoor space, accompanied by friends or a captivating read. Apt to suit any style and need, garden side tables complement the outdoor spaces in an ideal way to make them more enjoyable and pleasant at any moment of the day. There are endless solutions to set up a holiday scene in your garden, in a way it has nothing to envy to the better equipped beaches. You will only need to place a beach chair made of waterproof fabric by the side table, folding or not, depending on the available space, or beach umbrellas for the outdoor, for creating some shaded spots where to enjoy hours of pure delight outside.

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