Garden partitions

Garden partitions come useful when you want to divide outdoor areas or anti-sight barriers. They decorate your garden with style and functionality. They stem from classic slated panels, garden partitions follow designer tents and are developed with materials, colors and shapes that create innovative effects. Garden partitions can come in different shapes, from the linear modular ones to the combinable curvy ones and can be assembled in many geometrical configurations. They can screen completely to safeguard privacy or they can be transparent and designed to make climber plants grow. Not only beautiful but also functional, the solutions that can be used as storage walls to hold plants and flower boxes let you create real vegetation walls. From traditional wood to classic wrought iron, from metal to hi-tech plastic, from glass to fabric. There are many materials to choose from for your garden partition. The choice will depend on the style of your outdoor area and on the function the partition will have. For an ethnic style garden, antique wood slates or branches solutions are perfect while modular plastic partitions will make your contemporary style garden lively. More, with new materials colors can also play an important role in your garden. Choose your favorite garden partition on our online catalogue!

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