Fabbian TOOLS Ceiling adjustable spotlight

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  • Collection Tools

TOOLS | Adjustable spotlight By Fabbian


Ceiling adjustable spotlight

Manufacture year



FE Design

The need to add a special touch to certain spots in the home, office and other buildings in general gave the designers of the FE Design studio the inspiration for the Tools range of recessed spotlights: they are available with a fixed or adjustable beam of light to light up those areas which need an extra touch.‎ Like the light beam of the stars in a summery night sky, the Tools spotlights will add a touch of refinement to any room with bold, defined lighting.‎

The collection is made up of fixed and adjustable recessed lighting fixtures for indoor use.‎ The outer structure of all models is in thermoplastic material with a high coefficient of mechanical and thermal resistance.‎ The spotlights are either round (diam.‎ 9-14 cm) or square (7.‎5x7.‎5 cm) and made in metal, powder coated in white.‎ The sphere (diam.‎ 9-14 cm) of the spotlights with an adjustable diffuser is available in shiny chrome-plated metal, a copper finisher or powder coated in white or black.‎ The lamps run on a very low voltage (12V) for halogen bulbs and on mains power for halogen and LED bulbs (500mA).‎

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